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Nov 22, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 744 that will be aired in Louisville on 11/23 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/744

OUR OVW Announce Team is Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Shannon the Dude.

OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze comes out followed by the Marauders (Clint Poe, Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, Flash Flanagan-with a red kendo stick, and the Masked Marauder, but no Joe Coleman). Jonze says last week, somebody questioned the Marauder Way, somebody hesitated in their judgment about the cause, and that somebody was Coleman. Jonze says Coleman is a name you won’t be hearing about around here for a long time! Jonze goes on to say that if you hesitate, you die, and if you question loyalty, you fail. Jonze appears to be wearing eye shadow for some reason. Anyway, Jonze goes on to say that the Marauders have never been about him, there is no “we” in the Marauders (I think he meant to say “I”), and that they will work together with unquestioned loyalty. Tonight, each person in the group has a chance to prove their unwavering loyalty one more time as Jonze has a TV title defense! Jonze calls out for an opponent and through the curtain is another guy who wears eye shadow-Paredyse!

Match #1: Paredyse vs Shiloh Jonze (w/ his fellow Marauders)
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official here. Paredyse hip bumps Jonze then does a tenpunch in the corner with some grinding of the hips added in for dramatic effect. Paredyse comes off with a flying burrito then kicks Jonze down to the mat before thwarting attacks by Poe, Lamotta, and the Masked Marauder. Titus opines that it was for the best that Coleman was kicked out of the Marauders since he was the weak link. Poe tries to grab Paredyse by the leg but Paredyse comes off the top onto Poe then smacks him on the butt before rolling back in. Jonze briefly drives Paredyse into the corner but gets reverse whipped into the opposite corner and backdropped. Poe again grabs Paredyse’s leg and gets swatted at, allowing Jonze to clobber Paredyse and send him to the floor where some Marauders stomp him. Jonze throws Paredyse back in but misses a kneedrop from the top. Paredyse gives Jonze three atomic drops with the third sending Jonze to the floor but the Marauders help him back in. Paredyse hammers away on Jonze, who scoots to the corner in order to allow Poe and Masked Marauder to reach through the ropes and hit Paredyse. Jonze rams his shoulder into the midsection but Paredyse leapfrogs him and smacks him on the butt. Paredyse whiffs on a bronco buster as Poe grabs Jonze and pulls him out of the way. Jonze throws Paredyse over his shoulder then headlocks him on the mat. Paredyse fights out but gets tripped up by Masked Marauder. Jonze hits a belly to back suplex for 2 but Paredyse answers with a standing dropkick that sends Jonze to the corner. Paredyse hits a baseball slide kick on Poe then gets to do the bronco buster on Jonze, pulling him to center ring and covering for 2. Paredyse whips Jonze into the ropes but Poe and Lamotta pull Jonze out to the floor before Paredyse dives out onto them. Back in, Dumeyer pulls Jonze upright against the ropes. Paredyse charges but Jonze ducks and Dumeyer gets kissed! Jonze hits an enziguri on Paredyse and calls for Flash to bring him a chair. Flash slowly grabs a chair then hesitates to hand it to Jonze as the others prod him to hurry up. Paredyse legsweeps Jonze for the pin and the title!
Marauders check on a rather angry Jonze as Flash kind of hangs out in the background. Jonze declares that there will be a “Marauder Loyalty Test” later on tonight then screams at Flash. So does this mean that Flash will have a Hello Kitty kendo stick next week?

OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes down the hall and is met by “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond, who tells Jamin that he got a call from a lawyer asking lots of question pertaining to Johnny Spade and Timmy Danger.

Match #2: The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler w/Brittany Devore) vs OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez & Michael (not PS) Hayes
OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe is in charge of this non-title match. Brittany has a case that we are told has money in it as the winners get either $500 per man or $2000. Champs go to work on Revolver a bit then the Homers do the same to Hayes as Titus refers to Brittany as McNaler’s “sister-cousin-wife” but is quickly corrected by Gilbert. Revolver misses an elbowdrop and Vaez drops knees on him for 2. Vaez hits a belly to back suplex and kips up but misses a kneedrop which allows Revolver to push him through the ropes and out to the floor.
Back from break, the Homers are doing a bit of leg working on Vaez as Titus thinks the Homers have gotten better since they have been sober. Revolver doesn’t quite lock in a figure four but McNaler tags in to lock in a single leg crab. Homers make a wish with Vaez then Revolver really does lock in a figure four at center ring. Vaez turns the hold over and breaks it but McNaler returns and reapplies the single leg crab. Vaez gets free and backdrops McNaler but gets his knee banged into the mat. McNaler stops to talk to Brittany (who can blame him?) which gives Vaez the opportunity to tag Hayes. McNaler gets suplexed by Hayes for 2 1/2 but Revolver breaks up the cover only to get sent over the top rope by Vaez. McNaler then sends Vaez over the top but subsequently collides with Hayes. Both are slow to get up. Hayes gets to his feet and McNaler appears to as well but then flops back down as Sharpe get to ten and calls for the bell, giving Vaez and Hayes the win. Did McNaler bet on the champs to win??

Timmy Danger rolls out followed by Johnny Spade as it is pointed out that Spade has left Olivencia laid out seven weeks in a row. Security helps Danger and his wheelchair into the ring. Danger says last week, Olivencia attacked him (a paraplegic!) and could have killed him, so he has some important documents that he needs to show Olivencia. Dean says he wants to push a button and send Danger through a trap door ( lol) as Olivencia comes out. Danger says he has contacted his mom’s team of lawyers in Boca Raton, OSHA, and the American Disability Association and they have determined that the conditions in OVW are unsafe with Olivencia around, so they filed a restraining order against him! Danger reminds us that Olivencia cannot put his hands on Danger or he will go to jail which also means he would forfeit the title to Spade (since Olivencia would theoretically be absent at SNS on 12/7). These same lawyers contacted the OVW Board of Directors and it was determined that Olivencia had been displaying conduct unbecoming of a champion, so the BOD has declared the title to be held up! Danger points out correctly that Olivencia will no longer have the champion’s advantage at SNS (that is, getting himself counted out or disqualified). Sharpe is also out here (apparently in place of Danny Davis, who should be out here) and reasons with Olivencia to hand over the belt, which also ends the longest-running title reign in OVW history.

Mobile Homers are in the back taking bets on Jessie Belle & Lovely Lylah vs The Body Guy. Hayes and Vaez come up to collect their money and are also concerned about McNaler’s falling. McNaler tells them to go to the mall and spend their newly won money.

Match #3: Jessie Belle & “Powerhouse Princess” Miss OVW 2013 Lovely Lylah vs The Body Guy (w/ Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus)
Body Guy reminds us that he has the most gorgeous body in all of wrestling and that two dingbats challenged him to a match last week. Body tells the ladies to stay in the back so they won’t get hurt but they come out anyway. Body Guy tells Melvin that he can handle this alone then shows off his gorgeous body, adding that wrestling is a man’s sport and that women have small brains! He says Lylah is so fat that she jumped up in the air and got stuck and that Jessie hangs around with Lylah so she doesn’t look so ugly. Jessie kneels behind Body Guy and Lylah pushes him over! Ladies do a double hiptoss and a double suplex then go for a second suplex but Melvin pulls their feet from under them and holds on as Body Guy lands on top, pinning them both.
Body Guy is proud of himself, saying women aren’t as good as men! Here comes OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei’d Tapa (and not the Assassin, boo!). Tapa snatches the mic away and calls him “Body Girl”, then challenges him for next week. She hits Body Guy in the chest with the mic.

OVW live events get plugged! 11/23 in Elizabethtown, KY with Olivencia vs Jonze as the main event plus Paredyse will be there! 11/24 at the Davis Arena has a Future Talent Showcase.

Jonze and the Marauders come out. Jonze say the group has achieved and succeeded because their strength in numbers requires loyalty, with each member working as one. He then notes that not everyone is as loyal as they need to be so it’s time for a loyalty test! Dumeyer is called up and Jonze knees him in the groinular region causing him to drop to his knees. Jonze tells Dumeyer to stay there and calls on Flash to prove his loyalty to his brother Marauders by hitting Dumeyer with the red kendo stick! Flash walks up to Dumeyer and pauses before whacking the other Marauders with the stick! Flash then lariats Masked Marauder and Lamotta before backdropping Poe out to the floor. Flash whacks Jonze with the stick as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: I was expecting Danny Davis to address the title situation seeing that lawyers were involved. Now there’s going to be plenty of Marauder-on-Marauder violence! Are the Mobile Homers about to fight each other again (especially if Revolver beg against his own team and took a dive)? I also read that they taped next week’s episode on the same night although they did advertise a live event for next Wednesday. Nothing other than Spade-Olivencia has been set up for December’s SNS. This show was OK to me so I’ll give it an upper thumbs in the middle.

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