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Total Divas Recap

We start off with The Bella Twins talking about Costumes and to be on the show Pysch on USA.

We shown Nikki and Cena together. She is in the process of moving in and looking at his fish. They show her signing for all her stuff. It turns out she has 26 boxes. She opens one box and we see a bunch of Sex toys and Cena goes Woah!

We are going to Raw and we see Mr. Belding. Now we see Nikki telling her sister about Cena’s Injury. Brie gives Cena a kiss on the truck which is very funny.

We see all the Girls backstage and the Funk girls are coming out. We see Eva Marie backstage watching them. The Funkadactles beat AJ And Layla. Here comes Mark and he asks Eva if she wants to do Ring Announcer. It will be on Raw Live.

Now we see John Cena coming to the ring the night after Summerslam. They show the segment from Raw that night. There is Brie and Daniel Backstage and we see Mark congratulating Daniel. They said all the stuff from Cena cant do daniel now has to do.

John Cena and Nikki is shown flying to have surgery. They start talking about stuff that I am like Wow lol just watch lol haha

They show Cena getting prepped for Surgery. They show his surgery and all and his blood squirted on the Doctor. To the point where they have to cover the curtains.


We are back and we see Nikki freaking out about the Surgery. Now the Surgery is over and they get a thumbs up.

We go to Orlando FL to see Alicia Fox and Eva Marie talking about her Announcing. Now they show Brie Bella showing up in Canada for Psych. Nikki is there with her getting ready for Role. They show Dule Hill and they show the girls getting make up for zombies.

Jon and the girls are in the car. He farts while they are singing and the girls get upset. Lol They start spraying Perfume lol

We see Eva Marie talking to Mark and about Raw. She says Randy Orton is from La lol wow


We come back and see Cena and Nikki and they are kissing from the airport. They talk about how Daniel is really getting busy with work. She starts hugging and kissing him while he is driving.

We see Jon and Trinity in their apartment. Jon shows his foot is bleeding. We see Her taking care of Jon. Trinity gets freaked out but still helps lol

Phoenix Az we see around the town and now Brie and Daniel. He shows how he is on the Road for 13 days straight. He talks about how he has to pack for all those and they show Daniel playing with the dog. They start wrestling around in the floor.

We are now ready for Raw and we see Daniel coming out and the Shield in the ring. Here comes Eva Marie and her announcing. They show Justin and Eva talking. Now Eva and Nattie as Nattie gets her make up.


They show the Uso’s and Justin Coming to the ring and Eva announcing. Here comes 3MB to the ring. Eva gets confronted by Mark. Trinity is shown confronting Jon. And his toe is horrible and bleeding. Then Eva is shown backstage talking to 3MB and when she confronts them she says his name is Ginger mahal lol


We are back and they re show 3MB and Eva Marie. They were upset but they really try to make her feel better and they tell her to work harder and to know everyone’s name.

Now we are at Cena’s home and we see Cena laying in bed and Nikki comes in with a Nurse’s outfit. She says she is going to Nurse John back to health.

We see Jon and Trinity at the Dr’s office. They have to cut his toe nail off. They say in a couple weeks it will start getting better.


We see Jon and Trinity talking at the Doctor. Now she is very nervous and wants to be checked since she could have caught it. Turns out he did give it to her.

We are in LA and they show Brie calling Daniel. They are skyping threw the phone.

We see Nikki and Cena talking after she finishes unpacking. He asks her to sign something. A Cohabitation Agreement.


They are back with Cena and Nikki and She is a little upset about how he did this. She akss why and he explains and she said she needs time to think about it. Nikki is shown leaving the home. She says if she doesn’t sign it, how is there even a future for them anymore?

To be Continued……

They show a video of next week.

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