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Wrestle-1 results featuring TNA talent

results from Korakuen Hall in Tokyo:

* Rob Terry & Jay Bradley vs. Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo
Winner: Bradly (4:06) with an Avalanche Hold (Oklahoma Stampede) on Kondo.
~ The TNA team came in and quickly overpowered the W-1 home team. Terry & Bradley will be on the full tour that will take place up until December 1.

* TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match: [Champion] AJ Styles vs. [Challenger] Seiya Sanada
Winner: Styles (18:24) with the Calf Killer.
~ Styles successful TNA title defense.
~ Styles stated that he will be coming back to Japan again.
~ KAZMA attacked Sanada after the match and stated that he wants a match against Sanada. He also made note that he is a former WWE guy (Sakamoto, might remember his as Tensai’s manager earlier this year) as Sanada seems eager to face guys who come/have experience from the west.

credit: Puroresu Spirit

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  1. Matt says:

    Wrestle-1 at this rate is going to be climbing past AJPW, NOAH and ROH in the rankings soon enough. Muta knows what the hell he’s doing.

    KAZMA Sakamoto’s push is a good thing, damn shame his WWE career didn’t take him farther.

  2. Brad says:

    Not sure if Shuji Kondo is still as awesome as he used to be, but he’s too good to be in a 4 minute squash like that.

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