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GERWECK.NET Trivia Round 2‏

Welcome all to the second round of the GERWECK.NET Trivia Contest. The leaderboards have been reset, so the field is wide open once more. We begin with the following question:

Who was the first (and I believe, so far only) man in 2013 to wrestle on 3 WWE television shows in the same week?

Good luck!

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  1. MC Live says:

    Sheamus. He beat Jinder Mahal on the 1-7-13 RAW, Dolph Ziggler on the 1-9-13 Main Event, and 3MB on the 1-11-13 Smackdown.

  2. MC Live says:

    Side note, he’s not the only. Orton did it a week later. And 3MB just did it as The Union Jacks. So there’s a few more. But Sheamus was first

  3. Axel says:

    Luke Harper of the Wyatt family. Raw, Sd, Main event

  4. Vivian says:

    Luke Harper (Raw, Main Event, SD, and even NXT i think)

  5. Vivian says:

    Luke Harper (RAW, Main Event, SD and even NXT i think)

    (i’ve already post the same answer via smartphone but i don’t see it so i repost it, just in case)

  6. Bighurt25 says:

    Either dolph Ziegler or big e langston

  7. Josh Dionio says:

    I’d think lots of guys would have done it since PPVs are tv shows too, right?

  8. Andrew Davis says:

    There’s been a lot to do it, not just 1: Sheamus, Orton, 3MB, & Luke Harper

  9. ILMH says:

    Luke Harper.

  10. Dan Lovato says:

    Sheamus first… Luke Harper most recent

  11. Legend_Killer says:


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