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Nov 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 743 that will be aired in Louisville on 11/16 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/743

We look down a hallway and a door opens to reveal OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia, who is in a foul mood. He says he’s coming for Timmy Danger and “Smooth” Johnny Spade

OUR OVW Announce Team is Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus. OUR OVW Ring Announcer is Shannon the Dude.

“The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” Timmy Danger is being carried into the ring and place in his wheelchair by security personnel as Spade looks toward the entrance. We are told Spade will face Olivencia for the title on the next Saturday Night Special on 12/7. Danger has something important to say but keeps getting interrupted by the crowd, whom he says is very rude. Danger than announces that we are in the presence of the uncrowned OVW Champion since last week, Jamin’s running and hiding ended then Spade beat him in the ring clean as a sheet. Danger then says Jamin’s record-length title reign will be over soon. Spade takes the mic and notes that Jamin is still winless against him and there was no secret to it as he put Jamin down for the 3 count with a superkick! Danger then adds that Jamin needs to just accept the fact that he can’t beat Spade and tell that to his “stupid little daughter”! Out comes Jamin and he knocks Danger clean out of the wheelchair! Spade then attacks Jamin and they go at it until all 3 refs and security pull them apart. We get another scuffle until Spade gets escorted to the curtain while Danger is still sitting in the corner (as he allegedly can’t walk). Jamin exits the ring but runs around the announce table and attacks Spade for some more scrapping as Gilbert notes that eighteen months of animosity is boiling over!
We return from a break with the two going at it again in the ring before getting broken up again. Danger is carried to the back as Jamin takes the mic and asks Spade who’s beating him up now? Jamin calls Spade “garbage” and demands that the footage from their match last week (which was still in progress as the show went off the air) be shown but Dean interrupts and says they’ll have to run the tape from the show’s beginning to get to the footage in question. Jamin says the video will prove that Spade is a liar and that Danger is garbage too. Jamin also calls Danger a nobody, a scammer, and a waste of space, also implying that Danger is faking his injuries. Dean warns Spade not to associate himself with Danger, based on the fact that James “Moose” Thomas did and lost a “loser leaves OVW” match to Jamin recently.

OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze is in the back with his fellow Marauders (Clint Poe, Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, Flash Flanagan-with a blue kendo stick, and the Masked Marauder).The other Marauder, Joe Coleman walks up like everything is cool and Jonze tells him to get ready for some good, clean competition tonight as Jonze is defending the title against him. Coleman says he’s getting ready too.

Match #1: “Boston Strong Bombshell” Taeler Hendrix vs OUR OVW Ladies Champion “Queen of Rings” Lei’d Tapa
Taeler is dressed in all gold tonight looking to wear the gold (title belt) for the fourth time. OUR OVW Senior Official “Package” Chris Sharpe is in charge here. Taeler grabs Tapa’s cape and jumps her from behind, putting the cape over her head and choking her. Taeler unleashes a flurry of kicks but Tapa applies the Tongan Death Grip. Taeler smacks Tapa in the mouth then makes Taps chase her in, out, and around the ring. Tapa catches her by the leg and pulls her to center ring. Tapa headbutts Taeler and throws her around for a bit. Taeler pulls the top rope down as Tapa charges and goes over but lands on the apron. Taeler dropkicks her off the apron and sends her crashing into the announce table as we go to break.
We return to find Tapa back on the apron only to have Taeler kick her off again. Taeler charges but Tapa sidesteps and Taeler gets draped over the middle rope. Tapa bangs her head into the apron then yanks her out to the floor. Tapa slings Taeler into the ringpost then goes to punch her but Taeler ducks and Tapa punches the ringpost. Taeler bites the injured hand, climbs in the ring, and perches on the second turnbuckle. Tapa comes back in and catches Taeler then slings her into different corner and chops her (with her good hand). Tapa shortarm clotheslines Taeler and chokes her in the ropes. Tapa gives Taeler an over the shoulder backbreaker then sets up for an F-5 but Taeler reaches over and rakes her eyes. Tapa flails about blindly as Taeler taunts her. Taeler backs ref Sharpe into the corner then sidesteps as Tapa charges to the corner and squashes Sharpe. Taeler headbutts Tapa then steps out of the ring to grab Shannon the Dude’s chair. Taeler brings the chair into the ring and hits Tapa across the back with it then revives Sharpe but only gets a 2 count. Taeler grabs the chair again but Tapa kicks it into her and covers her for the pin.
Ref Jordan Barker joins Sharpe in tending to Taeler when the music hits and The Body Guy and Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus come out. Body Guy tells the refs to get that “washed-up broad” out of the ring since this is a man’s ring and wrestling is a man’s sport! Out for a rebuttal come Jessie Belle and “Miss OVW 2013” Lovely Lylah!! Jessie implies that Body Guy is a pig while Lylah threatens to throw her weight around on him. The ladies challenge Body Guy to a match next week with Jessie saying she will make Body Guy squeal like a pig. Body guy responds that he never had a problem beating up ugly women and will pin both of them next week.

Backstage, Adam Revolver is on the phone talking about a stock price and wants 100 shares of that stock. Brittany Devore is selling 2 for 1 raffle tickets for a season pass to the zoo. (If they had a “whip Timmy Danger” raffle they could probably retire. Just sayin’) Ted McNaler has a line of wrestlers who are placing bets. Rockstar Spud puts $100 on Olivencia to retain his title at SNS but his tag partner “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe suggests Spud might have a gambling problem. “The Slimy Jerks” Evan Markopolis and Dylan Bostic come up and bet on the TV title match. McNaler: “It takes a snake to know a snake”. Bostic:”Just wait till you see our snake”. McNaler:”They must have went to the zoo”. Elvis Pridemore and “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna come up to make bets but OUR OVW Tag Team Champions “The Tim Tebows of OVW” Michael (not PS) Hayes and Mohamed Ali Vaez walk up. They notice that Revolver has a sizable wad of cash in his hand to which Revolver replied that the champs got lucky out there thus he got lucky in here. The champs get offended at the notion of them getting lucky in the ring and suggest that if Revolver and McNaler (The Mobile Homers) would apply themselves as a team, they might be able to challenge the champs instead of bet on them! Homers say they could beat the champs if they wanted to, which leads to the two teams making a wager of $2000 for their match next week.

Jamin Olivencia comes out to the ring. He says a long time ago, he went against a guy who was a hell of an athlete and competitor named Johnny Spade. Jamin doesn’t know what changed Spade except that he aligned himself with a scumbag who can actually walk! Jamin notes something has changed since that time in himself as well-he became OVW Champion. Jamin calls out Spade and Danger. Spade wants to move forward with this and not dwell on what happened last week, while Danger tells Jamin that he needs to accept the fact that he lost! Jamin tells Danger to shut up and the tape from last week gets shown.
Tape picks up with Spade whipping Jamin across to the corner. Jamin comes off the corner with a dropkick to the head then lariats Spade and climbs back up top. Jamin hits a spinning frog splash (Gilbert called it a “switch”?) for 2 then goes for the Standing O but Spade pushes him away. At this point the picture goes all scrambled (like HBO was when you didn’t subscribe to it) for a few seconds before returning to normal, where Spade superkicks Jamin and pins him.
Gilbert informs us that the scrambled part showed Danger jumping up out of his seat to grab Jamin’s feet! Jamin then goes after Danger but Spade again lays Jamin out and drapes the belt on him.

Gilbert plugs an OVW live event in Austin, IN on 11/16 where Jamin defends the title against Clint Poe while Vaez and Hayes defend the tag titles against the VIP Club. Dean then plugs another event on 11/17 that’s a fundraiser for the Paralympic Sports Club.

Match #2: OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze vs Joe Coleman
This is a Marauder vs Marauder match. The other Marauders come out first followed by Coleman and then Jonze. Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official in this match. Coleman get a few cheers from the crowd but it’s more than Jonze gets. Jonze slaps Coleman, who promptly slugs Jonze and bangs his head into the turnbuckles before throwing him around. Jonze pulls Coleman into the ropes but whiffs on a guillotine legdrop and Coleman knocks him off the apron as we go to break.
We return to see Coleman rolling up Jonze for 2. Jonze then hotshots Coleman on the top rope as Titus denies any sort of dissension among the Marauders’ ranks. Jonze comes off the top but Coleman greets him with a forearm then dropkicks Jones and drapes him on the middle rope. Coleman puts his feet on Jonze’s shoulders and does pushups. Jonze reaches over and grabs Flash’s blue kendo stick then whacks Coleman with it for the DQ.
Jonze celebrates his gallant victory by whacking Coleman again as the others come in and stomp him (except for Flash who just stands back). Jonze gives Coleman a third stick shot then lets Lamotta, Poe, Dumeyer, and the Masked Marauder each have a go at it. Jonze hands the stick to Flash, who hesitates to take it. He finally does but then just throws the stick down and walks off. Dean thinks another piece of the snake (that is the Marauders) has fallen off! The show ends on that note.

THOUGHTS: Will we now see a Jonze vs Coleman rematch? What role will Flash have in this? Will Brittany sell enough raffle tickets to cover the Mobile Homers in case they lose next week? Will Body Guy eventually fall victim to a female Assassin? Will Spade remain unbeaten against Jamin or (as Dean Hill thinks) will Danger end up costing Spade his career? I thought Taeler vs Tapa was OK in that Taeler tried to employ some different strategy to get Tapa off her feet but only ended up doing like once in the match. Overall, I didn’t have any complaints here so I give it an upper thumbs in the middle.

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