11/14 WWE house show results from Rouen, France

Nov 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

4000 crowd. Only Bryan, Orton, Cena and Shield t-shirts in the store and other usual staff.

1) Santino beat Fandango (8 min). Comedy match. Santino won after Cobra.

2) Miz beat Fandango (30 sec). After first match Fandango ask for another opponent. Miz came out. Easy win after Figure four leglock. Miz was true face.

3) Los Matadores beat Real Americans (11 min). Ordinary tag team match. After match El Torito gore Zeb.

4) Big E Langston beat Wade Barrett (9min). No bad news Barrett gimmick. Big E won after Big Ending.

5) Zack Ryder beat Damien Sandow (6 min). Upset win after Small Package. After loss Sandow attack Ryder from behind.

6) Rhodes Family beat Shield (Reigns and Rollins) for the WWE Tag Team Championship (18 min). Good match, but they can do a better one. Cody pinned Rollins with Schoolboy.

7) Natalya beat Aksana (6 min). Natalya was over. But match was bad. Natalya won after Sharpshooter.

8) Dean Ambrose beat Dolph Ziggler and Kofi Kingston for the United States Championship. Best match of the show. Dolph and Kofi had a cool series in the end. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise, after that Dean stole the pin on Ziggler.

9) Big Show beat Randy Orton by DQ for the WWE Championship. In the end, Kane came out and The Shield attacked Big Show. Big E and Rhodes made the save. Shield and Orton receive finishers to send crowd home happy.

Credit: Dmitry Shakhov and Pwinsider.com

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