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Aces and Eights attempting to destroy Ken Anderson in the opening segment of Impact. Ken Anderson makes his way down to the ring to confront Bully Ray but he doesn’t get to say much as Bully tells him he wants to pile-drive Ken’s pregnant wife. The fight ensues in the ring and Anderson says he’s ready to get crazy tonight and is ready to face anyone.

Ken Anderson vs. Knux
Facing off against the big man in his street clothes, Anderson and Knux take the fight to the outside and Anderson falling pray to a massive elbow on the outside. Back in the ring Anderson tries to rise to his feet and slam the big man but he continues to fall victim to his much larger opponent. But somehow Anderson is able to come back and hit the mic check for the win.

Christopher Daniels vs. Joseph Park
Daniels taking the advantage in this match with his more agile moves. He has trouble getting parks flipped over but chooses to instead wear him down with a headlock. The headlock doesn’t work for long and Daniels gets planted on his back and falls prey to a side-slam. Daniels suplex attempt is countered by Parks who then decides to take a break and park it on the ropes. Daniels trying to fight back and ends up taking the sneaky way out with a hidden low blow. The challenge issued by Parks definitely has come back to bite him as he loses this match and lays in the ring holding his groin.

Aces and Eights are shown in a backstage segment where they say the refuse to let Anderson be the one to break up Aces and Eights. They then make plans to attend a nearby strip club. Bully asks “What was the name of that girl?” and then proceeds to make the other members swear not to mention this to Brooke.

Ethan Carter the Third vs. Jobbers
This match was a basic show-off match for Carter who dominated both unknown young men with ease. He picks up the win and proceeds to tell the audience that he is a Carter and the world needs them.

Participants Announced for World Title Tournament
Dixie Carter marches down to the ring after seeing a video backstage of AJ styles. She tries to assure everyone he isn’t her World Champion period. She then announces she will be bringing out four men who will be competing in the upcoming live pay-per view Turning Point in a tournament. Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samoa Joe, and Magnus. Dixie announces James Storm and Bobby Roode will compete in a bull rope match. James says he has some twang in his slang and the six pack to go with it and he will be victorious. Roode tries to get in his face but Dixie interrupts the two men, telling them to save their aggression for the PPV. Samoa Joe and Magnus will be competing in a falls count anywhere match and the two of them go back in forth in a quick war or words, in which Joe is convinced he has Magnus beat. Dixie says her tournament will be about finding her real champion and wishes all the men good luck.

Gail Kim vs. Hannah Blossom
Gail Kim the in ring master catches Blossom in the figure four around the ring-post and punishes her opponents legs. Kim laughs happily at her skill as Blossom tries to slap her leg and get it working again. The two women trade punches in the middle of thing as Blossom rallies enough to clothesline and snap suplex her opponent. It’s not enough to get the win and the frustration shows on the newbies face. Kim hits the eat defeat and fixes her hair. The confident knockouts champ stands victories with her partner Lei’D Tapa.

Joseph Park is back in the ring following commercial issuing another challenge to his brother Abyss next week in Orlando.

Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries
Austin Aries tries breaking down angle with elbows and Bobby Roode tries to become a factor as well in this match by grabbing a chair and sitting on the top of the ramp. Angle realizes he still has a match at hand when he almost gets taken out by Aries off the top rope. The battle continues back and forth and highly physical before angle gets the win via the cross-face and moves on in the tournament.

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