11/12 WWE house show results from Newcastle, England

Nov 13, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE house show report 11-12 Newcastle, England

By Brian Sample

Crowd was fairly hot most of the night.

1: Kofi Kingston beat The Miz.

Crowd was really into the opener. Very mixed reaction to The Miz, but Kofi got a strong reaction. Good match, went around 12 minutes. Finish was Kofi hitting the trouble in paradise.

2 Los Matadores beat The Real Americans

Lots of heat on Zeb when he said when he said it was great to be in Sunderland (Newcastle’s local city rivals). Match was decent. Lot of “Ole” and “We the people” chants. Cesaro did a 20 rotation swing which got a great pop. Los Matadores hit their finisher on Cesaro for the pin in around 10 minutes. The little bull speared Zeb after the match.

3 Alica Fox beat Aksana

Not much heat for this, went around 6 minutes. Match was below average.

4 Santino beat Fandango in a dance off (in fans choice)

Good reaction for Santino, and there was a fair few fans “Fandangoing”. After Santino won the dance off, Fandango attacked him but then got laid out with the Cobra. Santino kissed Summer Rae afterwards, she looked disgusted. Segment only lasted 4-5 minutes.

5 The Rhodes Family and Big E Langston beat The Shield

Match of the night. Tons of heat for the match. Great reactions for everybody. The Shield really come across as the real deal when you watch them live. Their entrance works perfectly at a house show too. Some fans near the ring were chanting for Big E to beat The Shield with a 5 count (a nod to NXT) and he seemed to get a kick out of the chant. Great action throughout, really superb selling from Goldust. When the hot tag was made to Cody, crowd was super loud. Finish was Cody with roll-up on Ambrose in about 17 minutes.


6 Wade Barrett beat Zack Ryder

Great reaction for Wade, but Ryder was booed fairly heavily. Ryder worked as the heel for the match. Match was OK, Wade finished him with Bull-hammer in around 7 minutes.

7 Damien Sandow beat Dolph Ziggler

Excellent promo from Sandow pre-match. Telling crowd to shut up several times because “he wasn’t finished talking yet”. Crowd was booing very heavily. Really got a lot of heat. Ziggler seemed pretty over with the Newcastle crowd. Sandow won with the Terminus in 11 minutes. Fun match.

8 Randy Orton beat Big Show (World Title match)

Decent reaction for Big Show. Mixed reaction for Orton. There were a few Daniel Bryan chants but they died out when the match got going. Match was fine but nothing special. Finish was Kane’s music hit, and Big Show was distracted. Orton then hit RKO for pin. Post match The Shield came down to attack Show. They were setting up the triple powerbomb but Show fought them off and then sent Orton out of the ring with a punch. The Corporate Kane got on the ring apron as Big Show begged him to come in for a fight. Massive Yes chants – crowd was super into this. Wanted to see Kane fight Show but Kane backed off, and then Show’s music hit. He thanked everybody for coming, said they have been coming to Newcastle for 16 years and that we were a great crowd. Match itself and the post match went around 15 minutes.

Overall, I enjoyed the show. Shame there was no Daniel Bryan but there were some good matches and the crowd was hot most of the night so that definitely helped.

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