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WWE Raw Preview for 11/11/2013

Good afternoon everyone, my name is Jeff Johnson, and I am the new RAW columnist for Before I get into the RAW preview, I want to take a moment and give out a special thanks to Michael Riba and Steve Gerweck for giving me the opportunity to do this. I’m a lifelong wrestling fan in every aspect of the business, and look forward to doing the preview and live raw results as they happen every Monday. So, without further ado, let’s get to the RAW preview for episode #1068.


Raw from the great UK


RAW tonight hails from The Phone 4u Arena in Manchester,England. As most WWE fans knows, that means RAW tonight isn’t going to be live. It was actually filmed earlier in the day on Monday. For the benefit of everyone reading this, I’m going to stay away from spoilers tonight and cover RAW as it happens on television. It makes it easier for yours truly as well, seeing as I’m just getting my feet wet with the RAW results.


Big Show and The Authority


As we learned last week, Big Show will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series. Everything looked good for Show, until he was on the receiving end of a triple power bomb through the announce table by the hands of The Shield. How will Big Show respond after The Authority looking so dominate at the conclusion of RAW last week?


The Hills Have Eyes and The Best(s) in the World


2 weeks ago, Bray Wyatt and The Family made a statement by targeting 2 of the biggest superstars in the company, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Bray Wyatt let everyone know during the attacks that “the devil made him do it.” Last week on RAW and Smackdown, we saw that Bryan and Punk weren’t going to go down without a fight, and they were going to work together to try to take down the family. What do these 5 superstars have in store for each other? And could there be a certain “someone” Bray is talking about when he says “the devil made him do it?”


The Big Red Corporate Machine


WWE’s new Director of Operations, Kane, will be in the middle of the ring to explain his actions for the past 2 weeks, including his new affiliation with The Authority and his new “corporate” look. What will the Big Red Corporate Machine have to say? And is there more to this new “Corporate” Kane than meets the eye?


Everyone join me at 8e/7c here at as we go on the 3 hour tour that is known as WWE Raw. Thank you again to everyone, and I can’t wait to spend Monday evenings here on Lets get this party started!!

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