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11/10 Total Divas recap

total divas


Total Divas begins with a review of the past divas’s episodes.

We see Nattie, Eva, Trinity, Arian , Brie and Jo Jo at lunch. Eva tells everyone she gets to do a Maxium autograph Signing. We See Trinity and Jon going to Raw. Arian  gets angry with Road Rage. She gets out and starts yelling at the car in front of her.

We see everyone showing up at Raw. We see everyone backstage and Eva is showing off her Magazine. Eva is bragging about maybe tagging with Cena. The Bella’s are talking about how Eva needs to be humbled.

Eva goes to the autograph signing and a huge line of fans. Trinity and Nattie is shown getting ready for a singles match. They show highlights of the singles match from Superstars. Nattie wins the match and says that Trinity hits her so hard in the stomach that she tinkles a little.


We are back and nattie is backstage and goes to the bathroom and trinity comes to her. She is pissed and tells Trinity to go away. We now see Nikki and Cena and Hornswoggle backstage. Cena and Nikki is backstage talking. Cena then talks about how he pooped himself once in the ring. Then they start seeing his elbow. They start talking about Summerslam.

4 days until Summerslam in LA. The divas are talking to Jane and Mark. They tell Nattie its going to be Nattie vs. Brie Bella. They tell Nattie she gets to be the host of the red carpet. They show footage of the Red Carpet. Alicia then talks to nattie about peeing her pants at the event.

John Cena got a text and said he had to go. They show Vincent posing. Ariane is getting upset with her boyfriend. Trinity gets uncomfortable with Ariane getting so upset.


Trinity and Ariane are backstage talking about Vincent. She is told she needs to look into her Anger. We see The Bella’s with Josie. They are talking about how Cena is being personal.

WWE fan Axxess with the Divas and everyone signing autographs. They now show the Bella’s doing the Flintstones movie. Daniel and Brie sitting with Nikki. Brie talks about how Eva keeps asking about her being a Tag team partner. Nikki says stop trying to be me.


We are back and Ariane is shown with her mom Tammy. They talk about their past and anger issues.

We see Nattie and TJ in a hotel room. She talks about how she wishs people would stop talking about her. She is nervous about summer slam.


We are back and they replay Nattie and TJ talking. Ariane and Vinnie is shown going to a roof top and having dinner.

Daniel and Brie and Josie are in bed talking. He talks about how When Nikki got john he was already in the main event so its nothing new for her.

They show backstage stuff from Summerslam and then Brie getting make up. Nikki walks up to Cena and asks to talk to him. He says he is sorry, He got a text from the Doc. He says they will be out for 6 months. He says he told her before even his family. He is having surgery on Tuesday after Summerslam. She asks him to be careful.


They show JoJo singing at SummerSlam. They are showing the Divas’s Match up. They show the divas walking backstage. Bella’s mom is backstage with the girls. Nikki is asked by the signs and being so arrogant.

Now is the Main Event Daniel Bryan Vs John Cena. And the Bella Twins are backstage with their mom watching the match. Daniel goes for Cena’s Elbow.


We are back and they are showing more of the Match. They show Daniel Winning. Cena comes backstage and Nikki gets upset and worries about Cena’s Career.

They do a Recap of what this year is gonna go.

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