11/9 Anarchy Wrestling Report

Nov 10, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

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Crowd was down a little after Fright Night but involved and noisy all night.

show opened with Todd Sexton bringing Joey Rhymer out. Rhymer was clearly favoring his ankle, injured in a dive at fright Night. Sexton said he had been training Rhymer before shows for two years, and that he knew Rhymer was hurt and said he would take Rhymer’s place against BJ Hancock. Rhymer said he was OK but when Sexton lightly kicked at his ankle Rhymer winced in pain. Out came Miss Rachael with Anthony Henry and BJ Hancock. She had no trouble with Sexton facing BJ and said Sexton would be hurt like others had been, and he asked rhymer wheen he was going to grow up and be a man.

Next was an over the top elimination Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to Kevin Blue’s Young Lions Title. When the last two men were left in the ring match would be determine by pinfall or submission. Dango Wynn defeated Wade Adams, Brandon Parker, Alex Avgerinos, Vandal & Ali M Shabazz. Final elimination by pinfall was Shabazz.

BJ Hancock with Miss Rachael faced Todd Sexton with Joey Rhymer. Late in the match Sexton had Hancock in trouble. Anthony Henry tried to get involved until Sexton stopped him. as the ref dealt with Henry, Sexton had Hancock ready to submit until Miss Rachael entered the ring with her clipboard and went to attach Sexton, Joey Rhymer grabbed the clipboard from her and backed her off only to then turn and smash Sexton over the head with it. Rhymer, Hancock and Henry ganged up on Sexton until Steven Walters & Stryknyn chased them off. Joey Rhymer is now with Miss Rachael.

It was announced that new tag team champions, Unforgivable Blackness’ UAS (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) were not defending the titles, nor were at the show, because they felt there was no competition. That brought out Mike Posey & Corey Hollis (Alabama Attitude) who disagreed and called out UAS. Instead Slim J appeared reminding Posey he had challenged him at Fright Night, and suggested a tag bringing out his new partner Iceberg. In an impressive moment during the match Hollis lfited the 300+ lbs Iceberg onto his shoulders and delivered a slam followed by a Posey legdrop. Iceberg threw Posey off hard after only a one count, and ended up crushing him in the corner as Slim J pinned Hollis.

Show went to break. When the second half was ready to begin Andrew Pendelton III entered the ring and said he had demands for Franklin Dove including requiring Dove to hire a real ring announcer like Bruce Buffer. He also wanted to be carried out to the ring each show like royalty. Dove considered the demands then fired Pendelton to the delight of the crowd. Pendelton was replaced on commentary by Jonathan Feltner.

Hammer Roberts and Adam James defeated The Tarr Brothers (Dustin & Christian). Both teams came in from the Carolinas.

New Young Lions Champion, Kevin Blue was brought out but told that his scheduled match with Tommy Penirelli was postponed until November 23. Out came Steven Walters who suggested the two have a non-title match and that if Walters won, he got the Title match on November 23 instead of Penirelli. Kevin Blue defeated Steven Walters. Blue left the match bleeding from the mouth.

Bobby Moore came to the ring and demanded that Franklin Dove address what happened at Fright Night when Wildside was revealed to be Billy Buck who had been forced to leave Anarchy. He said because of that Buck’s win over him for the title was invalid. Bill Behrens came out instead of Dove and he brought out Billy Buck who had the title belt. Behrens said he agreed with Moore and asked Buck to give him the belt, but did not return it to Moore. Rather he said that first Billy Buck was reinstated to Anarchy, and that Buck & Moore would have up to three matches, and whoever won two of those would end up as the TV Champion. He said Moore could pick the 1st match on November 23, and Moore choose a Falls Count Anywhere match. For December 14th’s match Bill Buck chose a Texas Bullrope match. Behrens then said that if it goes to the third match on December 28 at Season’s Beatings, it would be an I Quit match. Behrens then said Moore deserved a title match tonight……..which brought out Heavyweight Champion, Mikael Judas. Mikael Judas defeated Bobby Moore with Billy Buck at ringside after an impressive El Crucifijo on Moore.

In the Submit or Surrender Main Event with all wrestlers barred from ringside, Stryknyn defeated Anthony Henry.

Next Anarchy taping is November 23 with Match 1 in the TV Title series, Bobby Moore vs Billy Buck (Falls Count Anywhere) and for the Young Lions Title Kevin Blue faces Tommy Penirelli with Dango Wynn next in line for a title match. Washington Bullets take on Iceberg & Slim J, Todd Sexton wanted Joey Rhymer one on one. Rudy Boy Gonzalez is bringing a team to Anarchy to challenge a team put together by Brody Chase, and Jeff G Bailey’s monster Se7en will challenged Anarchy Champion, Mikael Judas. Plus two former Anarchy Champions return. Play the right card, and there might be a sexy party.

Visiting backstage was former Anarchy star and ECWA Super 8 winner, Aden Chambers.

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