11/10 WWE house show results from Glasgow, Scotland

Nov 10, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Craig Broadfoot

WWE Live
10 November 2013
Glasgow, Scotland
Braehead Arena

For the second time in three nights the WWE returned to Glasgow for a house show. And unfortunately it looks like the same line-up as Friday. The building looked almost full this time and they managed to get the speaker system working from the start. Tony Chimel was the announcer again.

1) The Usos beat Hunico and Camacho, when Jimmy pinned Hunico. Match went about 10 minutes. Fun opener, Usos worked very hard.

2) The Bella Twins beat AJ and Tamina, when Brie pinned AJ with the X Factor. Another fine match, went about 8 minutes. Some sloppy moments when Nikki and Tamina were in, but Nikki’s ring-gear more than made up for it.

3) Drew McIntyre pinned The Great Khali in about 8 minutes with a school-boy. Khali worked heel with Drew as a face. Drew actually got a half decent match out of Khali, who worked much better as a heel too. Surely it’s time to do something with Drew!!

4) Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel pinned Justin Gabriel with his finish after Gabriel hit an exposed turnbuckle. Longest match so far with surprising duelling chants: “let’s go Axel, let’s go Gabriel”. Match was good and went about 15 minutes.

CM Punk came out for the next match but got interrupted by Paul Heyman in a wheelchair pushed by his doctor, Dr Weisenburg (Billy Kidman in a high-vis jacket and cap) and cut a great promo, with his voice visibly breaking, saying he is going to sue Punk for the assault at Friday’s show. Eventually jumped Kidman and threw Heyman in the ring and hit him repeatedly again with the kendo stick. The Wyatt Clan made their entrance for the save and jumped Punk, Bryan made the save. The brawl broke down into a regular tag team match and the rematch from Friday is on…

5) CM Punk and Daniel Bryan beat Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (with Bray Wyatt) with Bryan pinned Harper. Bray at on Heyman’s wheelchair at ringside, as opposed to his rocking chair. Mid way through he was sent to the back for interfering. Good match again. Finish saw Bryan dive on Rowan on the outside while Punk hit Harper with the GTS, followed by a Bryan knee for the pin. Went about 15 minutes. Great reactions for Bryan and Punk.


6) The Prime Time Players beat Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal, when O’Neil pinned Mahal. Good reaction for PTP but the match was too long for these guys, going about 12 minutes. Titus got the win with his Sky High finish.

7) Ryback pinned R-Truth. Co-main event for Ryback again and he told the crowd that tonight is his 32nd birthday. He made Chimel lead the crowd in singing happy birthday, complete with the line “happy birthday dear The Big Guy”. Ryback claimed to be going for a big Goldberg-shaped dump after the match, so we were hoping he’d squash Truth fairly quick. Sadly not. Match went about 10 minutes and was dull. Ryback won out of nowhere with the Shellshock.

Chimel announced them coming back to Glasgow soon but didn’t say when or to what arena. With the massive SSE Hydro just opened, one would think WWE would have a show there in the near future. For those who don’t know, TNA are taping Impact at the venue in January.

8) World Heavyweight Champion John Cena pinned Alberto Del Rio. Long, good main event. Lots of heat for both guys. Lots of near falls. Cena reversed the armbar into a powerbomb and hit the AA for the win. Match was about 20 minutes all in. Good action. Cena celebrated and posed to close the show.

With exception of Cena and Del Rio on the card, we had the exact same line-up as Friday with the majority of matches shuffled. Bit disappointing that considering the other tour is in the UK tonight too. That said, with a much hotter crowd and significantly less lighting and audio problems, the show overall was much better.

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