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WWE signs fitness model to a developmental deal

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  1. What? says:

    WWE hired another blonde model with no wrestling experience. What a complete and utter surprise. Well, at least this one has something resembling an athletic background.

  2. Rookey says:

    The joke about WWE being a Diva Development promotion continues.

  3. LOL says:

    Another Aksana woohoo!!!

  4. Matt says:

    And what is the problem with this? How many of you complaining even watch the WWE product? If so wouldn’t you know all the fitness models they’ve signed are all good at what they do now?

    Hell what even is there to complain about these days? The people who didn’t even have athletic backgrounds have been trained into decent female wrestlers. Even then they are highly outnumbered by the ones who wrestled before or came over from other disciplines.

    But then i bet we’ll get people crying about “not making their own stars” when this exactly what it is. Who freakin’ cares if they bring in people new to wrestling and train them? Isn’t that what they should do?

    Oh i bet there will be a troll to bring TNA into this, which is even more hilarious given the only talent they have they’ve homegrown is Garett Bischoff and the MMA guys. All of which smarks like to hate on for just as stupid reasons.

    If you have such problems with wrestling promotions signing people and teaching them to wrestle for the first time, how are we supposed to get new wrestlers? Not everyone can afford to waste hours and hours for school gym bookings of years and hoping one day a bigger promotion comes calling. Ever consider it may be some of these people’s dreams that finally get fullfillled when they get to train at WWE? The scouts had to find them somewhere.

    The only exceptions to that went on to prove themselves capable after training anyway. The ones who weren’t truly in it, left soon as well.

    The ball kept rolling and only idiots kept complaining.

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