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Matt Hardy: “The wrestlers, the fans, the industry, need TNA”

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  1. Jau says:

    True wrestling fans are a minority these days. The McMahons killed pro wrestling!

  2. LOL says:

    WWE Monopoly just in time for Christmas!!!!

  3. mackdeezy says:

    WwE wouldnt give him his job back and now hes kissing up to TNA it seems. Cmom Matt, id like to believe youre better than that.

  4. Wookey says:

    Go home Matt, you’re drunk.

  5. MC Live says:

    Anybody who sees this as more than Matt stating the truth is an idiot. The business needs competition, it’s better for everyone. Matt knows that, and that’s what he’s tryin to say

  6. NeonBlack says:

    @MC Live

    Exactly, thank you. I’m not sure why the immediate response was to say that Matt has some sort of agenda in his comments. He never said one was better than the other and he even specifically said, “the growing WWE monopoly” not just a random dig on WWE. Matt just seems to want to remind people that more wrestling organizations are better for everyone involved.

  7. jeriholic says:

    I’ve rolled my eyes, at alot of what Matt says online. But this was not one of them.

    Like the last two posters said, I took this as Hardy speaking the truth.

  8. Rookey says:

    Go home Wookey, you’re drunk.

  9. Scott Grady says:

    Did Vince kill WCW? No. It was a lack of structure within the company that made it expendable in Time Warner’s eyes. Did he kill ECW? No. It was Heyman’s lack of business sense. The AWA died because Verne was stuck in his ways and refused to move with the times. Fritz relied too much on his sons as THE babyfaces in World Class.

    It’s easy to blame Vince McMahon for the state that pro wrestling is in at this time. He’s the top wrestling promoter in the industry. Meanwhile, you have many promoters who have shown they lack of what it takes to run a promotion and they fail because of that. Yet, the blame when they fail due to their inability to understand their audience goes to Vince.

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