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Former WCW diva writes a disturbing post on Facebook

photo credit: Ed Darcey

photo credit: Ed Darcey

former WCW diva Gorgeous George (George Stephanie Bellars Frankenstein) via Facebook:

Well its really nice to kniw after 13 years of marriage i am only worth 2800$ my life is f**ked i own nothing i am old and washed up thanks alit doyle for making my life a living hell i want to slit my throat i have no reasin to live all i do is reck peoples lifes i am a horrible person worth nothing but a waste of life i am 37 with no car job family kids i have nothing left to give people my soul is lost i hope everyone got every last bit of me they could use up thanks for all the so calked freinds that talk sh*t thats so cool karma is a motherf***ers i am living now i am paying in full for my dirt

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8 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    She’s still hot needs to get it together!

  2. mackdeezy says:

    O.0 woooow. Just wow. I hope she pulls through. Somehow. She needs a new lease on life.

  3. ducky says:

    she needs help on spelling

  4. ducky says:

    and she has a kid too a girl

  5. Dick Hertz says:

    She made the same kind of rant last year. She didn’t cash out then. This time, who knows? I doubt it. BTW, I was worth more than $2800 when I was 37. That’s gotta hurt.

  6. What? says:

    Context would help. Is she saying that’s her total net worth, her alimony level, or something different? I do hope she has someone in her life she can reach out to or who can reach out to her, because whether this indicates deeper problems or is a passing mood it seems pretty extreme and she could probably use some help.

  7. The Shockmaster says:

    $2800 is a really specific number

  8. tko for life says:

    why do i think that someone hacked her account. ive seen post like this before on friends of mine facebook page. if it is true and she did indeed write this then i hope she gets her life straightened out and we dont hear about her death on here because that would suck

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