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It has been awhile, but…

If you were to buy TNA, what changes do you make? Who goes, who stays, and who do you bring in?

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  1. gerry says:

    I honeslty think TNA has a great roster, I wouldn’t fire anybody, they all just need new direction and push some of the young guys, I would bring back the young bucks, maybe try to get low ki to come back, and alex shelley, and def put double j back on tv maybe in a gm role,

  2. Denis says:

    The first thing I would do is lure Jim Cornette back into wrestling to be my booker. Then I would start working together with ROH. Imagine an invasion angle where ROH invades TNA. Imagine the matchups you could have and the amount of interest this would garner. To me that would beat anything the WWE is doing right now.

  3. sinister ki says:

    Try a lot of new things that have never been attempted before, and change every titles look. They look like flea market championship belts. I would do something fans have been asking for, MAKE SOME F’N SENSE OUT OF YOUR STORYLINES!!! Perfect example, why do the damn Bound for Glory series and then turn around and have a world title tournament? Everything has to balance itself out, without balance, no matter how bad the card or roster, it will not work. But I agree with Gerry, i’d keep the roster. Gonna miss loki tho, he sadly retired, for now.

  4. MC Live says:

    Garrett Bischoff and Rob Terry are gone. Bro-Mans, Gunner, Knux, Mr. Anderson, Jay Bradley, Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw and Wes Briscoe are all maybes depending on what can be done with them. Manik would be just TJ Perkins. I would definitely try for the Young Bucks, Matt Morgan, maybe even Johnny Gargano. I’d try to get back Anthony Nese, Petet Williams, and Low Ki among others. And I’d definitely look at basically everyone in ROH and try to bring in The Briscos, The American Wolves, Kevin Steen, Adam Cole, Michael Elgin, Tomasso Ciampa, ACH, Tadarius Thomas, C & C Wrestle Factory,Michael Bennett, and Rhett Titus. Also, Colt Cabana deserves a TV spot. Also, they need new knockouts. Mia Yim and Ms. Chiff are top prospects. Bring back the TV title and make it a respected, valuable championship for up and comers. Definitely go back to 12 monthly PPV’s, no One Night Only’s. Bring Jeff Jarrett back to TV, let Sting go to WWE. I’d completely replace the Bound For Glory Series with a different tournament all together. My main event scene would focus in Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, and Magnus with some input from AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Also Christoper Daniels would finally get the World Title Reign he deserves. And that just the beginning!

  5. Ahmad says:

    Kick Bischoff & Hogan to the curb like the cancers they are, stop pushing old geriatrics as your top champions, bring in young, homegrown guys (Gunner, Roode, Magnus, etc) to lead the company and MAYBE they’ll be seen as a legitimate wrestling (“sports entertainment”) company

  6. MC Live says:

    Oh, I’d also change the name of the company to Impact Wrestling International, the IWI, and bring in brand new title belts. I haven’t decided whether I’d use an established name as GM, or someone completely new. But I’d completely revamp the company complete with vacating all titles, holding a tournament to crown a world champ, and BRING BACK THE SIX SIDED RING! The company needs to be an alternative, not a rip off.

  7. RJ Ace says:

    First thing I would do is eliminate that God awful TNA name. I’d rename it the Impact Wrestling Federation and bring back the 6 sided ring.

    I’d also get rid of the X Division and TV Titles. There would be a heavyweight division for wrestlers that weigh over 205lbs and a cruiser weight division for wrestlers that weigh under 205lbs. 25 wrestlers in the heavyweight division, 15 wrestlers in the cruiser weight division, and then 10 Knockouts for that division giving me a total of 50 wrestlers on the roster.

    I’d keep the tag team division for which there would be no weight restrictions which would give me a total of 4 championships. I’d go to 6 PPV’s a year,

    June- Slammiversary
    December- Bound For Glory

  8. RJ Ace says:

    Lol I accidentally pressed submit before I was done editing my post

  9. TRUTH says:

    I would immediately make Jeff Jarrett CEO. I would try to bring back Vince Russo and have he and JJ run creative, if Russo was unavailable. I would either make Eric Bischoff or Matt Conway creative director. I would absolutely sign Morrison and stay OUT of Orlando. Gotta lose money to make it and the road is where TNA belongs. As much as I personally dislike him, after cutting where I could. I would make a big money gamble on either Cena or Orton.

  10. trevh says:

    as the boss of tna
    first-get a name and tell all about it

    second-tell all about each star on the roster

    third-have twenty male wrestlers on the roster all going for the championship and have 10 female wrestlers again for a championship

    fourth-bring in a wrestling league season and then the wrestlers gain points for winning and the wrestler with the most points wins the championship of that year

    fifth-set up a more sport style show-
    The show leads off with all the hosts talking about three to four current wrestling issues and topics.
    Have interviews with stars about their up-coming fights, other wrestlers and where they are on the league board
    Then go to commentator who talk over the match-one sports commentator and one past wrestler
    have a series of matches
    cut back to the host team and talk about the nights events and talk to the winners

    sixth-only have one referee for every match

    seventh-each match follows the same rules-The standard wrestling match (or ‘one fall match’) involves two wrestlers attempting to win the match through either pin fall or submission while not getting disqualified, or “counted out”—caught outside of the ring for a referee’s count of 10 or 20, depending on the companies’ rules.
    then finish the show with analysing each match and talking to the winners

    eighth-have only six top ppv’s a year and use these to call re-matches or have different style matches

    and most of all bring back the six sided ring

  11. Aaron says:

    TNA’s roster is decent, but the depth is horrible beyond the world title scene…Chavo, Rampage, Tito, King Mo, EY, Garrett, Bradley, Terry, Shaw, Spud, and Brisco would all be gone and I’d allow Sting to officially retire, with Kurt being a special appearance type thing…I’d then shop around for a second 1-2 hour show on Saturday Nights.

    I would then like to see The Young Bucks, The American Wolves, Kevin Steen, Judias Mesias, Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, Ruckus, Jack Evans, and Jeff Jarrett, Greg Marisculio, and Homicide (to reform LAX) all come (back) to TNA. Lita, Ivelisse Velez, and Alissa Flash…

    This would give us divisions like:

    Bully Ray, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Jeff Jarrett, & Kevin Steen

    X-Division: Amazing Red, Manik, Kenny King, & Zema Ion, Greg Marisculio, Jack Evans

    TV Title: Magnus, Judas Mesias, Mr. Anderson, Gunner, Ruckus, Colt Cabana

    Tag Division: LAX, Bro-Mans, Young Bucks, Bad Influence, American Wolves, MCMG (when not involved with X-Division)

    Womens: Ivelisse velez, Gail Kim, Lita, Brooke Tessmacher, ODB, Alissa Flash

    By doing something like this, the knockouts and tag divisions will be much stronger, and maybe somehow the X-Division can get back to the prominence it once had…

    So a lot of changes to strengthen the roster and the weaker division….TNA has some good upper level talent, but beyond the top 10 guys or so, the roster is really weak…

  12. LOL says:

    liquidate all the assets and sell the video library to dubbya dubbya e and buy myself a nice timeshare!

  13. Cold says:

    -Aries, Storm & Roode are the faces of my TNA
    -8 PPV’s a year. (4 Marque events)
    -utilize more Indy workers
    -use short term deals to bring in fresh bigger name talent, more often
    -create a chain of command.
    -hire a real GM, not an onscreen figure head. Someone who will hold people accountable
    -outsource any job that isn’t essential (music director, Eric bischoff, Jason Hervey)
    -most shows will be held on the East half of the country.
    -promote shows better

  14. jables4ever says:

    I would go to Steve Austin and ask him if he wants to take over the operations of the company I’m funding (so he has nothing to lose); his primary role would be to build it from a grass-roots wrestling platform and take it from there where Jarret and Bubba Ray then control the creative product for the most part (though Steve would have say in that as well once he figures out where the on screen product should hit the hardest).

    I would buy HWA from Les in Cincinnati and change TNA’s name to HWA…but change the Heartland to Hardcore…..and go from there.

  15. killpg says:

    Id Kill the TNA name, and do a major overall. id find a partner with money sorceresses. id create a new show that is a weekly ppv around the price of 15 or 20. I would name it Hard 2Tha Core. i would have a total takeover storyline with Impact losing the “war” and becoming the”b” show(non flagship) and H2C being the non hardcore tv show, and H2C being a weekly ppv/ippv show that has all the hardcore stuff, they would be presented as competing companies. Id stick bichoff on production and if he even spouts a idea for another department hes fired. then as soon as possible id find a producer worth the trouble to replace him. JJ would be in power as a coo type legit. Dixie and anyone named Carter or hogan will be gone. Also you would never see a 4 sided ring again, only 6. A deeper KO that has a KO world, tag and and minor belt of some kind. all non special stip maches would be: Weapons Legal, No count outs,falls count anywhere. and when in ring rope breaks. only disobeying refs orders/attacking him gets DQ. All are 2 out of 3 falls except iron man, Last man Standing goes to ether a single 20 count or 2 10 counts. triple threats F4s are elimination only never 1st fall wins.

  16. sinister ki says:

    @ LOL, Agreed, hahaha. I like that idea best!!

  17. sinister ki says:

    I like everyone’s idea, but I have one request, can I be the DOO of your new TNA? Cmon someone let be the strongest DOO you ever had.

    Im sorry I couldn’t help it

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