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AJ Styles to defend the “TNA title” in Japan

W-1 officially announced that AJ Styles will be defending the World Heavyweight belt as well as the two other TNA talents that will be coming to Japan to compete in W-1.

Following his defense over Judas Mesias this past weekend in AAA, W-1 has changed the previously announced singles match between AJ Styles and Seiya Sanada to a title match, as Styles is remained the defending champion.

Sanada stated that he is glad to hear that Styles was able to defend the belt and that their upcoming match has been changed for the championship to be defended. Sanada now has his eyes and heart set on capturing the belt from Styles.

W-1 then announced that Rob Terry and Jay Bradley will be the two hand picked talents from Jeff Jarrett to come and compete/train in Japan. Both will be competing on the full upcoming tour from the November 16 show at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo to the December 1 show at Hakata Star Lanes in Fukuoka.

source: Puroresu Spirit

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6 Responses

  1. leg lover j says:

    Cool a world title defense in japan is Awesome!!

  2. James says:

    If AJ succeeds, he needs to defend it next in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Puerto Rico, among other places, so the title can have the mileage to be a World title, like the NWA World title did in the past.

  3. Jam Jar says:

    I have to say, with all the talk of TNA going down the tubes lately, I think this is a super cool idea that maybe isn’t getting as much credit as it should. When was the last time a world title actually got defended across the world like this?!
    I’m hoping it pays off anyway.

  4. gerry says:

    Now that’s what I call a WORLD title!!!

  5. Stunning Steve says:

    It would be great for TNA, the only porblem is he is no longer their recognized champion and none of it is mentioned on television guys. I understand furthering the angle that he is no longer under contract and is defending around the world, but that only works if it is shown on your television program. That is where they make any money they are possibly making right now.

  6. Me says:

    This is the only way to get actual wrestling from TNA, these days!
    Their TV product is as stale as … expired still water!

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