Smackdown Spoilers

Nov 5, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Sammy Eanes

Smackdown opened with CM Punk promo calling out the Wyatts. Instead, Curtis Axel came out, said he had unfinished business with Punk and Vickie Guerrero have him a match w Punk. Punk won a decent match w the G2S

AJ & Tamina beat Cameron & Naomi when AJ made I believe Naomi tap w the black widow

Up next was the Del Rio-Cena-Vickie segment where Vickie announced the Survivor Series title match and the evening’s two matches.

Del Rio made Khali tap with the armbar

Usos & R Truth beat 3MB. Truth was super over in his hometown and got the pin. Usos were very popular as well.

Daniel Bryan went to a NC with Luke Harper. Bryan had the Yes Lock in when Rowan attacked Bryan. They double teamed him until Punk made the save. It was interesting, the Yes chants were louder and more prominent earlier in the show before Bryan came out than when he was actually in ring.

TV main was Cena over Ryback with the AA. They tried, but match was nothing spectacular. Lots of Goldberg chants. Ryback also used the jackhammer and spear, which didn’t help with the chants. Del Rio attacked Cena afterward, slamming his bad arm on the post. Somewhere in here the taping ended and they transitioned into the post show dark main event of Cena over Del Rio for the World Championship in about 5 minutes.

Afterwards Cena introduced a Make a Wish recipient in the front row, then went out in the crowd to celebrate with the kid and his family, which was a cool moment. Cena wrapped up by thanking the crowd for coming.

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