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Justin Credible’s wife has stage 3 cancer

Hey guys. You ever have one of those moments that change your life forever. Well I’ve had a few, but nothing like the phone call I got bright and early last Fri at 8:12 am. Yeah I actually remember the exact time. My beautiful wife of 17 years, Jill, got the news that she has stage 3 cervical cancer. What a way to wake up. She has been having issues with this for a long time now, but after removing a small lump in that every, our worst nightmare has come to. I don’t like to share personal stuff like this, but Jill has been a part of this business. She worked for ECW from 97 til it closed in 2001. She’s my best friend and I don’t quite know how to handle this. I really can’t even think about wrestling right now, but maybe for my own good I should. I’m just lost right now, and I apologize. Usually the doctors say everything will be fine, but the doctor couldn’t assure us of that and that scarred the hell out of me. Again I’m sorry, but I have to take a moment to regroup. We have an appointment at Yale hospital today, so we can start talking about how to treat this thing. I just want you guys to please keep her in your prayers. I love you all. That you for your support and understanding.

-Peter Polaco

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  1. James says:

    Hope your wife beats this, Justin.

  2. gerry says:

    I recently met him at a show my wrestling school was having, he’s a real stand up guy and I really hope him and his wife can beat this , many prayers to you and your wife peter

  3. daniel says:

    My prayers go out to the polaco family. Cancer sucks I lost two great guys in my life in my uncle and brother in law. You can do to this P J! Plus his wrestling 101 stuff on YouTube is not just awesome but just incredible!

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