Indy Results: Elkmania 11/2/13 in Beverly, MA

Nov 4, 2013 - by Atlee Greene


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ELKMANIA ran wild in Beverly, MA this past Saturday night to a jam pack crowd inside the Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge for what was an incredible night of professional wrestling action!

Venue: Beverly/Salem Elks Lodge #1309

Ring Announcer: Adam Salzer

Time Keeper: Adam Kohn

Referees: Mike Pono & Redd Roche


Elkmania Tournament Semi Finals:

“The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin defeated Joey Warner with his dreaded running knee to the temple to secure the pinfall.

-Elkmania promoter Ryan Andrews conducted an interview with Project Zero Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Stevie James about his main event title defense against Derek Simonetti. James promised the fans a fun time until Simonetti came out and told his pupil to either leave with him or get beat by him. James refused to leave and Simonetti left the ring after one final warning.


Elkmania Tournament Semi Finals:

Richy (Sic) pinned Jon Wilson after delivering the Richual in the center of the ring for the 1-2-3. Wilson shook Richy’s hand after the match.


“All Good” Anthony Greene was jumped by “Maniacal” Jack Kruger and “The Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed before his match could begin as they blinded sided him by running through the crowd. Greene fought them off as long as he could but the numbers game was just too much. Kruger vowed the hands of fate would deliver vengeance upon Elkmania for not booking him and his disciples.


Fan’s Choice Match:

“The Original Showoff” Mike Paiva defeated Firecat via count out when he took a ball of yarn from an unsuspecting event staffer and threw it and Firecat chased the yarn out of the room.


Bay State Championship:

Buddy Romano defeated “Unequaled One” Todd Sople and “Dastardly” Doug Summers in a Triple Threat Match to become the inaugural Bay State champion when he pinned Sople with a roll up.


Open Challenge for the NCW Tag Team Championship:

The Inglorious Dastards (“The Beast” Brandon Behm & “Terrible” Tony Caruso) defeated Lumberjake & “The East Bay Outlaw” Rocco Abruzzi when Behm hit Lumberjake with a spear after Caruso hit him with a chair behind the referee’s back for the pinfall.


Elkmania Tournament Finals:

Richy (Sic) defeated “The Wrestling Machine” Tommy Corbin to become the first Elkmania Tournament Champion when he confused Corbin and planted him with a Richual for the victory. Post-match action saw referee Mike Pono deliver a stunner to Corbin after several warnings not to be touched.


Tag Team Action:

“Maniacal” Jack Kruger and “The Twisted Hatter” Alex Creed defeated “It’s All Good” Anthony Greene & “Tough Talk” Tony Spencer when Kruger pinned Greene. This match was made by Elkmania promoter, Atlee Greene after Kurger & Creed interrupted a moment where we were thanking our event sponsors.


Project Zero Wrestling Heavyweight Championship:

Stevie James defeated Derek Simonetti to retain the PZW title when James reversed a spinebuster attempt into a DDT to get the 1-2-3. After the match, Stevie stuck his hand out in friendship despite being berated by Simonetti earlier in the night. Simonetti took in the moment, shook his pupil’s hand and let the celebration begin!


We would like to thank all of the wrestlers, ring crew and staff for their hard work. We would also like to thank our event sponsors who made this possible as all proceeds from this event were donated to the Elks National Foundation.


Towsend Oil, People’s United BankHarrison’s ComicsCinema SalemNinety Nine RestaurantThe Beverly DepotFarms Full Service, Gio’s Pizza & Roast BeefMcKinnons Market & Super Butcher ShopGallo Nero Pizzeria and Sam & Joe’s Restaurant

A special thanks goes out to the talented Mark Marianelli of SIX AM COMICS.COM for our amazing event poster.

To keep up on future update regarding future Elkmania events, please check out and check out for the best wrestling you’ve never seen.

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