11/2 TNA house show results from Mount Pleasant, MI

Nov 3, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

I was at the Impact house show last night in Mount Pleasant, MI. Thanks, Seth Drzewicki in Essexville, MI Here are the results.

Mangus defeated a guy named Dan Barnes. I could be wrong on the name, cause the audio wasn’t that good. He looked more like local indy wrestler. Crowd was into Magnus still he started talking about he beat Sting.

Gail Kim beat ODB. Earl Hebner came out and did his usual “I screwed Bret routine”

Abyss beat Kazazrian

Sabin beat Manix

What was supposed to be a 20 minute intermission turned into a 32 minute intermission.

Bro Mans defeated James Storm and Gunner after Kazarian interfered.

Bobby Roode defeated Austin Aires.

Over all, a good wrestling show. Al Snow was hanging out by the side of stage and people were going up and getting autographs. Manix signed autographs, for free, during intermission and at least 30 mins after all.

We ate at the dinner in the casino before the show. Our waitress told us they had only sold 60% of their tickets. I walked around for a while and saw the seating was about 75% full.

Biggest Pops
James Storm

Biggest heat
Earl Hebner
Bobby Roode

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