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New TNA Owner?


I have heard from a second hand source who is close to a key figure in the rumored TNA Wrestling sales discussions who has verified that Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is far along in his talks to purchase the company. This source went as far to say that he believes it is a “done deal” that Corgan will buy TNA, though the source didn’t know what percentage Corgan will be purchasing or the specifics of the deal. The source also says that Corgan has recently made a connection to somebody very wealthy, though it is not known if this party would have anything to do with the deal. Obviously with professional wrestling, you never know if a deal will actually go through until the ink is dry. Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media Ventures announced their purchase of WCW in early 2001 before TNT and TBS canceled WCW programming, leading to the deal falling apart and Vince McMahon purchasing WCW.

TNA Wrestling’s weekly show ‘Impact Wrestling’ airs on Thursday nights on SpikeTV and features stars like Kurt Angle, Sting, Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles

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  1. LOL says:

    Despite all its rage TNA is still just a rat in a cage!

  2. AJ Cooper says:

    Well, all I’m saying is that certain WWE fanboys need to face reality….that a WWE buyout is NOT the only option. Those who refuse to acknowledge that there ARE other options are the ones who are truly delusional. The fact that Corgan is successfully running a wrestling promotion (Resistance Pro) in partnership with the Baron Bros. shows that TNA under his control could succeed, whereas it’s clear that TNA under the Carters has failed massively, soo much that the company is being forced to return to Universal Studios. Oh, and EVERYONE needs to realize the difference between TNA & WCW was that new management took over @ TBS towards the end of TBS’s ownership of WCW, which is what caused TBS to eventually drop WCW programming, whereas there is NO chance that new management could EVER take over Viacom, as Sumner Redstone holds the majority share of the company. So, that means there is NO chance that Spike would ever drop TNA programming, as everyone knows TNA has become the flagship programming on Spike.

    @Steven Jackson

    How do you know WWE wasn’t in this exact same situation shortly after leaving the NWA? Seems like a quite a large percentage of the wrestling fanbase needs to go back & re-learn the history of the wrestling business.

  3. Scott Grady says:

    Corgan runs a somewhat successful INDY group. He can run a group that holds monthly shows in one state. Being able to coach a High School baseball team to a State Championship doesn’t necessarily mean you can take the Yankees to the World Series.

    No one has said that WWE buying them out is the only option. It is however the one where you can predict the most plausible outcome. The reason why is because we saw it happen with the purchase if WCW.

    As for Sumner Redstone, does anyone think TNA actually matters to him? As was pointed out, Turner made it publicly known that JCP played a huge role in his cable empire. Impact is just another program. If the company mattered, don’t you think he’d be wanting to buy it?

    When it comes to “delusional”, the ones who are truly delusional are those who think that TNA will turn around just because Panda isn’t involved.

  4. AJ Cooper says:

    @Scott Grady

    EVERY wrestling promotion started out as an indy, you dumb@$$. WWE did, WCW did, ECW did, AWA did, TNA did. The difference is that it’s been the ones that have the right management, creative, & backing that succeed. Now, how many times have you heard of a successful high school or even college sports coach ending up as the coach of a major sports team that goes on to major success? It DOES happen. So, that proves you don’t know jack about sports. So, from now on, do NOT talk about a subject that it’s OBVIOUS you know NOTHING about.

    So, in your logic, when an initial situation/event happens, it’ll happen that exact same way every subsequent time as well. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re dead WRONG. There’s a 50% chance that subsequent situations/events happen the same way as the initial, but that also means there’s a 50% chance that subsequent situations/events will NOT play out the same way the initial did. Do you even BOTHER thoroughly reading through your replies before you submit them?

    And, the statement I made was that everyone is aware that TNA programming, such as Impact Wrestling & its predecessor, TNA iMPACT!, are the flagship of Spike. THAT is the reason why the program has been on Spike since its Saturday night debut in 2005. So, that kinda proves that Redstone IS somewhat high on the company; otherwise, Impact Wrestling would’ve come to an end on Spike a LONG time ago. Ever stop to consider why iMPACT!/Impact Wrestling isn’t still on FSN? And, did you EVER stop to consider that maybe Viacom figures it would step in ONLY as a last resort if things with Corgan fall through?

    As I’ve said before, the TRULY delusional are the ones who are willing to entertain a WWE buyout as the ONLY option for TNA’s future. How d@mn embarrassed are the WWE fanboys going to be when it turns out that either Corgan OR Viacom acquires control of TNA & the company goes on to be MUCH more of a success that it was under the Carters? When you place as the head of a wrestling company someone who knows NOTHING about promoting, things are NOT going to play out well. Look at what happened with Eric Bischoff & WCW. Hell, look at how things have been with “Ditzy” Dixie & TNA so far. Hell, it wouldn’t be too far of a venture to say that the reason TNA’s still around under “Ditzy” Dixie’s leadership is because of the people she has around her, people who know more about the business than she does. Hell, she even ADMITTED she didn’t really know ANYTHING about wrestling before her daddy put her in charge. Can you get a more miss-matched situation than that?

    It might help your cause next time if you thoroughly read through your replies from now on & make sure that you’re using reality-based logic, rather than having your head up either your own or VinnyMac’s @$$.

  5. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    Shut up AJ Cooper with your dumbass pro-TNA ranting. At least the WWE doesn’t have to sell its product to stay in business. Que a 5 paragraph response

  6. Lockhart says:

    well said AJ Cooper, some people jump to conclusions.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    @Mr. Anti-TNA….. Ummm WWE does sell it’s product, every day on the stock market. WWE is constantly for sale and millions of people own a percentage of it.

  8. Stunning Steve says:

    Either way, all reports have indicated that the WWE has no interest in buying TNA. I seriously doubt they would. They really don’t stand much to gain. That isn’t a knock on TNA. I hope new ownership comes in and is able to succeed with TNA. They have always had a lot of great pieces but haven’t been able to put it all together to make a real run at the WWE. It would be “best for business”, pardon the phrase, for TNA to succeed and give the old WWE some competition. It’s what has been lacking for years now. They need that kick in the pants and competition is good for the workers, too.

  9. AJ Cooper says:

    Oh, look, here comes the dumb WWE fanboy mark (Mr Anti-TNA) to defend “the greatest wrestling company in the business”. It really eats at you that the product of your idol, your hero, isn’t the only one out there, doesn’t it? It also eats at you that soo many of the talent he used to employ have gone elsewhere doesn’t it? Oh, and at least TNA doesn’t have to worry about catering to kids just because a member of its management tried unsuccessfully to get into politics for a THIRD time. Can’t you say “burn”? Hehe.

  10. AJ Cooper says:

    Sorry, that last comment SHOULD have said, “Can you say “burn”?

  11. AJ Cooper says:


    Good point. Just goes to show how narrow-minded these WWE fanboy trolls are.

  12. T says:

    Why would anyone be loyal to a company that does not give a poop about you? Unless you own a lot of WWE stock or work for them why does it matter to you?

    Is Billy the right guy to make TNA better? Who knows? Not having Hogan on board seems to be a good choice.

  13. AJ Cooper says:


    Well, I can definitely say that Corgan probably knows more about the business than VinnyMac does. I mean, Corgan worked with the Baron Bros. to build RPro from scratch, whereas VinnyMac inherited WWE from his dad. It’s kinda like how Oprah & those who built their empires know more about business than those who inherited their empires, like McMahon & Trump.

  14. Scott Grady says:

    AJ, just like when you said that WWE didn’t become mainstream until the Attitude era, you’re wrong when you say that all companies start out as indies especially when talking about WWE, WCW, and AWA. They were territories. Indies run in one very small area and once maybe twice a month. In a territory, guys were working everyday and, as the saying goes,”twice on Sunday.”

    When it comes to the college to majors analogy, did I say that guys NEVER make it? No. According to you, Corgan will turn TNA around because he’s run an indy group for about two years. According to you, his two years as a wrestling promoter gives him the knowledge and experience to take control of a larger company. According to you, two years in the wrestling business qualifies him to take over a larger company. According to you, to go back to my analogy about sports coaching, his time coaching Little League means he can take the Yankees back to the World Series.

    To answer your question about why TNA is no longer on Fox Sports South, maybe the ratings sucked and they cancelled it? In your eyes, Impact has played a large role in Spike’s success and that success has made Spike such a huge factor in Viacom’s success. Without Spike, all Viacom has to hold them up is just Paramount, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, VH1, CMT, Movie Channel, and Showtime. Oh, the burden one network must endure! If Redstone saw TNA as the valuable commodity you think they do, Viacom would’ve bought it in two seconds. They wouldn’t see it like picking the fat kid for basketball.

    I’m gonna clear something up that you keep bringing up. Apparently, WWE couldn’t buy TNA even if they wanted to. I saw somewhere that their deal with NBC/Universal might prevent them from doing so. I don’t know the details or how valid it is. So, take that for what it’s worth.

    Now, let me issue you an apology. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you hate when people see flaws in your logic. I’m sorry you hate to hear people give their thoughts on a story. I’m sorry you consider people who don’t agree with you to be “fanboys” while not listening to yourself and seeing how you yourself come off as a “fanboy.” I’m sorry you think anyone that disagrees with you has their head up “VinnyMac’s @$$.”

  15. Scott Grady says:

    Wait, Billy Corgan knows more about professional wrestling than Vince McMahon? Vince took his father’s territory and made it the global entity it is today. Stop rewriting history, man.

  16. Joseph says:

    A spokesman for Billy Corgan said that he is focused on Resistance Pro’s upcoming anniversary show and that the speculation of him buying TNA is just a rumor.

  17. ScottishDragon says:

    @Scott Grady, Do you even know what you’re saying you muppet. WWE is about as Entertaining as watching paint dry. Only reason why they brought back Brock Lesnar and Dave Batista.

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