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As announced by Dixie Carter on Impact, Eight men will compete in a tournament to determine the next TNA champion.

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  1. Really? says:

    I’m not the hugest fan of this storyline, but that tournament looks like a bunch of potential match of the year contenders waiting to happen, if they go all out.

  2. Meh says:

    Interesting how Magnus is the only one in the tournament to not hold the title. Also, why isn’t Christopher Daniels in the tournament?

  3. art123guy says:

    Meh–Either you didn’t watch TNA last night (in which case, why comment without knowing the facts?) or you missed it. There was a Gauntlet match (actually a mini Royal Rumble) to decide the final spot in the tournament. Magnus won.

  4. Shotaway5 says:

    Wow. Total WWE rip-off.

    Anybody remember Summer Of Punk 2011 Punk won WWE title said he was away with it, and WWE did a tournament for new WWE champion.

    Im just waiting for the complete rip-off moment where AJ Styles shows up at a TNA interview on Spike during Bellator or something like when Punk showed up at Comic Con and it was on YouTube.

  5. Meh says:

    @ art123guy

    You’re right, I didn’t see TNA Impact this week but that is only because this week’s episode hasn’t aired yet here in the UK as I have to wait until this Sunday to see to see this week’s episode.

    Still, my point stands, that Magnus is the only one in the tournament to not have hold the title and I personally feel that they should put Christopher Daniels into the tournament as well instead of including Chris Sabin.

    I predict that Hardy and Roode will meet in the semi finals.

    The big questions are:

    1. Can Magnus beat Joe?
    2. Will Aries beat Angle?

  6. Really? says:


    I think Magnus is going to win the title.

    As far as this being a complete rip off of The Summer of Punk II, (which was in itself a rip-off of ROH’s Summer of Punk I and had some similarities to Ric Flair’s “Real World Champion” Angle over 20 years ago) AJ would have to never wrestle a match outside of his company while he’s gone. He could only make one very brief, unadvertised appearance at a tiny indy show and not get physically involved whatsoever.

    Defending the title in AAA in Mexico and Wrestle-1 in Japan means that although it may be something of a rip-off (of several angles, not just one) it’s also taking it to the next level, so they at least deserve some props for that.

  7. art123guy says:


    I agree with you on both counts. Magnus will win (turning heel and teaming up with Dixie) and the Styles angle isn’t “a complete rip off of The Summer of Punk” because he’s actually defending his belt elsewhere. I also believe he’ll be off TV until a new champ is crowned as opposed to, what was it with Punk, a week?

    Also, I recall Punk himself saying he would have liked to been off TV for a while longer to drive home the angle.

    While I agree that TNA is doing too many angles that mirror what WWE has, people need to remember that WWE didn’t invent every angle first and some of the ones they did weren’t the greatest (Katie Vick anyone?)

  8. X-Pac says:

    This is so obvious that Magnus is going to win the title here. This is going to be terrible. Dixie is in love with Magnus, and even made mention about AJ not being “good looking enough” to be the TNA champion. We all know she is totally in love with Magnus, and he is the only one that doesn’t even belong in this tournament.

    So easy to call:
    Magnus over Hardy in the finals to solidify himself as a heel (after also beating Joe & Angle in heel fashion in prior rounds).

    If Dixie thinks Magnus is the answer to saving TNA, she is so wrong. Even more wrong than Vince was to think D.Bryan would be a Main Event draw.

  9. bIGhIG says:

    C’mon guys, “a rip off angle”?
    There hasn’t been a new angle in wrestling since Lou Thesz was champ.Watching wrestling is like living in the movie “Groundhog Day.”

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