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Nov 1, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 741 that will be aired in Louisville on 11/2 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/741

OUR OVW Announce Team is Dean Hill, “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey, and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus. The next Saturday Night Special is the evening of 11/2 and things will fall into place tonight.

“The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” Timmy Danger wheels out through the curtain immediately followed by “Smooth” Johnny Spade. Danger has something very important to say, yo, that last week OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze couldn’t get the job done against OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia despite having the Marauders (and the National Guard?) at his side BUT someone who only needs “The World’s Most Dangerous Hype Man” will get the job done against Olivencia! Danger says Jamin can’t hide from Spade anymore then adds that Jamin can’t beat Spade and he knows it! Spade calls Danger “The Professor X of Pro Wrestling” then says he did what he did (superkick Jonze so Jamin could pin him) because he doesn’t want anybody to beat Jamin but him! He alleges that Jamin acts like the baddest man on the planet and has been kissing butt in the back but Spade’s not playing that game. Spade doesn’t agree with having to earn a title shot and wants to know what he has to do to get one, noting he hasn’t got a signed contract for SNS.
Out comes Jonze followed by the other Marauders (Raul Lamotta, Joe Coleman, Nick Dumeyer, & Clint Poe). Jonze is here to regretfully inform Spade that he has a far bigger problem than Jamin. Spade replies that Jonze was just a casualty of war last week but Jonze tells him that if he has a problem with one Marauder, he has a problem with all of them! Jonze challenges Spade for later tonight and Spade acknowledges some history between the two then accepts the challenge. Jonze wishes him the best of luck then snaps his fingers and the other Marauders climbs up on the apron but then back off and the group exits. Looks like we got us a main event!

The Spiderman theme plays (the one from the old cartoon show) as someone in a Spiderman outfit comes out to the ring. Jordan Barker is OUR OVW Official for this match.

Match #1: Man Spider vs “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley
Unfortunately, Man Spider is unable to spin a web at Bradley and gets Boomsticked and pinned.

Bradley takes the mic and says that was just his first handpicked opponent for tonight. He has to stay in shape since he is a TNA superstar!

Match#2: Leon Shelley vs “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley
Shelley is making his OVW debut and is not a superhero (as far as we know). Bradley pulls him in to the ring, piefaces him a few times, then throws him around a bit. Shelley ducks a big boot but Bradley drops a knee on him and stomps him while grabbing the mic, saying Shelley is not worthy to be on “Team Dixie”! Bradley Boomsticks Shelley and pins him.

Bradley is ready to go for the hat trick! Out comes Eddie Diamond, who Bradley invites into the ring. Bradley brings up last week’s result by mocking Diamond, saying “Yo Yo Yo! Boomstick knocked you out Boyyyyyyyyyyy!!”.

Match #3: “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond vs “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley
Diamond gets in a quick schoolboy for 1. Bradley throws some jabs but Diamond fires back with some rights and a dropkick. Bradley catches Diamond coming off the ropes and tries for a slam but Diamond slides off and shoves Bradley into the corner. Diamond runs into a boot and Bradley slams him but whiffs on an elbow drop. Diamond dropkicks, backdrops, and comes off the corner with a double axe handle on Bradley. Diamond gets slowed down by a jab to the throat but hits a crucifix for the pin!
Bradley is upset because he though Diamond cheated, then claims he wasn’t warmed up yet! Bradley wants a rematch at SNS and Diamond accepts.

Dylan Bostic and Evan Markopolis are in the back. Bostic claims he one-upped Evan last week by being on the winning team but Evan points out that it was he who got the last laugh by Bostic getting slapped in the face by Jessie Belle. They talk about how they are playing people around here like idiots and they laugh about it. OUR OVW Ring Announcer Shannon the Dude interrupts as he has a breaking interview with Jamin Olivencia! Shannon asks Jamin his thoughts on Spade vs Jonze in tonight’s main event. Jamin replies that his actions will speak louder than his words and walks away. In the background, OUR OVW Hula Hoop Champion Ray Lynn is checking doors then walks up to Shannon who tells her he was interviewing Jamin, which makes her squeal a little squeal. Ray Lynn (who is wearing sunglasses and a torn shirt) then walks over to Bostic and Evan, who claim to be bikini contest modeling agents (lol) and begin taking pictures of her. Bostic poses for a picture with Ray Lynn when Jessie Belle, Holly Blossom, and Stephon J Baxter III walk up to them. Jessie is tired of Bostic’s and Evan’s manipulating of others and challenges them to a 4-on-2 tag match at SNS! Jessie then pulls Ray Lynn away from the lecherous duo.

Rob Terry and Marcus Anthony come out to the ring. Terry says the last two weeks, he and Anthony have been making statements. Two weeks ago they put Jessie Godderz out and last week they put Rudy Switchblade out (both members of “Best Team Ever”). At the Nightmare Cup (September SNS) they earned the status as number one contenders for the tag titles and they are not moving from the ring until they get their shot! Out comes OUR OVW Tag Team Champion Michael (not PS) Hayes & Mohamed Ali Vaez! Vaez says Terry and Anthony did earn their title shot but each had other things on their mind and took off, so the champs then competed with BTE but that doesn’t mean that they are afraid of or trying to dodge Terry and Anthony. Vaez says the only problem that he and Hayes have is that Terry and Anthony have forced themselves into this equation but adds that they will be glad to take on take Terry and Anthony on right now! BTE comes out and appear to be no worse for wear. Godderz takes the mic and calls Terry and Anthony “big, cute, but stupid” for thinking they could take out BTE! Godderz says BTE is at the front of the line and Terry and Anthony are at the back of the bus. Godderz adds that Terry and Anthony wanted to make this personal and try to put them out of action, so tonight they will settle this once and for all!

Match #4: Best Team Ever (“Mr. Pec-tacular” ™ Jessie Godderz & “Best Rudy Ever” Rudy Switchblade) vs “Strongest Gamer Ever” Marcus Anthony & “Welsh Colossus” Rob Terry
Vaez and Hayes join in on commentary as they get the winners at SNS. Match is joined in progress coming back from break with Terry throwing Rudy around. Godderz pops in to help Rudy kick on Terry but just gets grabbed and thrown into the wrong corner. Rudy jumps on Terry’s back and tries top apply a sleeper to no avail. Vaez says the two teams in the ring are not the best since he and Hayes have the tag belts. Dean adds that the champs have a lot of heart. Godderz tags in and runs into an Anthony clothesline as Vaez is questioned about strategy he and Hayes might employ at SNS (it was mostly Vaez since what Hayes added couldn’t be heard). Vaez they will do like Bruce Lee and act like water to form to what their opponents are doing, also noting both teams in the ring are worthy of a title shot. Meanwhile Godderz ducks a lariat and dropkicks Terry then Rudy joins Godderz on a double suplex try but Terry stays planted and suplexes both as we go to another break.
As we return, Terry has Rudy on the mat in an armhold while glaring at the champs. Anthony comes in and works Rudy over for a bit then whips him across. Godderz blind tags in and hits a chinbreaker on Anthony but gets nailed with a lariat. Terry and Anthony manhandle Godderz for a bit as Vaez says neither team can fight like they do and they can’t wait for a chance to erase their Nightmare Cup losses at SNS. Terry ankle locks Godderz but gets kicked away. Rudy gets tagged in but can’t get Terry off his feet, even attempting a sunset flip only to have Terry pulling him up by the head and slinging him over to Anthony. While in a headlock, Rudy manages to drag Anthony over and allow Godderz to tag himself in. Anthony runs into a Rudy boot before Godderz slams him and Rudy gives him a slingshot senton. BTE hits double superkicks on Anthony for 2 but Terry breaks up the cover. Rudy comes off the corner but Anthony catches him and tags Terry to set up the double powerslam but Godderz pulls Rudy away at the last second. BTE hits stereo enziguris and the four pair off and fight. Terry and Anthony overpower them and hits stereo powerslams on BTE with Terry holding Rudy down for the pin.
Terry and Anthony glare menacingly at the champs before setting up complimentary piledrivers for BTE. Hayes and Vaez hit the ring but end up getting sandwiched and chokeslammed. Terry and Anthony pose over the fallen champs.

Adam Revolver is in the back and is taking bets from Rockstar Spud and “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe of 50 dollars (or pounds) apiece, apparently betting on the outcome of matches on SNS. Ted McNaler and Brittany Devore come up and tell Revolver that they got memberships to the zoo (still oblivious to the fact that there’s not any gambling going on at the zoo). Revolver kind of runs down the SNS card then tells McNaler that they need more people to bet! They spot The Body Guy sitting in a corner and approach him. Body Guy tells them that he bets that he will expose “that freak” Assassin for the coward that he is!
Body Guy is now in the ring and he’s angry! Titus points out that Mr. Marvelous Melvin Maximus is not with him. Body Guy says it just so happens that it’s his favorite time of the year, Halloween, but he’s not too happy right now because for three months he has been haunted by the Assassin. It’s like having his own personal Jason Voorhees! Anyway, Body Guy is done running and hiding and it ends tonight. He calls out Assassin and will expose him for the freak that he is. Assassin comes to the ring and Body Guy appears to be talking smack to him as Melvin comes out along with Elvis Pridemore, J Best, “Mexicutioner” Roberto DeLuna and a guy in a sombrero! Titus calls them “The Bod Squad”! The six attack Assassin, pull his mask off, and leave him laying in the ring as they pose for the camera. Assassin sits up and has another mask on! He then arises and clotheslines the other five leaving Body Guy alone in the ring. Body Guy puts on some glasses but that doesn’t save him as Assassin clotheslines him anyway! Assassin picks up the first mask and leaves.

The announcers list the lineup for SNS: Olivencia vs the main event winner, Diamond vs Bradley, Hayes & Vaez defending the tag titles vs Terry and Anthony, OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei’d Tapa vs “Miss OVW 2013” Lovely Lylah, and Bostic & Markopolis vs Holly Blossom, Jessie Belle, Ray Lynn & Stephon J Baxter III

Match #5: OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze vs “Smooth” Johnny Spade (w/ Timmy Danger)
Jonze comes out alone as OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe is in charge. Jonze attacks at the bell but Spade grabs Jonze by the head and bangs him in to the mat. Spade chops away until Jonze drops and pulls him into the corner headfirst. Dean and Gilbert bring up Spade’s recent history, which includes saving the company from JO-VW (I thought Vaez did that) and two reigns as OVW champion, including 2012’s match of the year (the Iron Man match with Olivencia). Jonze pounds away on Spade then gives him a guillotine legdrop before flipping him over for 2. Jonze then clamps on a cobra clutch and claws at the head. Spade gets to his feet and fights out then throws some Valiant punches and hits a running knee on Jonze in the corner. Jonze catches Spade with a spinning heel kick for 2. Spade gets up and superkicks Jonze as Dumeyer runs out to attack Danger (and distract Sharpe) while the other Marauders attack Spade. Olivencia runs out and clears out the Marauders then gives Spade a Standing O! As the other Marauders pull Olivencia out of the ring, the Masked Marauder runs out and pulls Jonze on top of Spade for the pin.

The Marauders pose in the ring. Jonze reminds Olivencia that if he fights one, he fights them all as the show goes off.

THOUGHTS: They did a good job setting up for SNS although we didn’t see Tapa or Lylah at all. Both the OVW Championship and the tag title match have the potential for shenanigans. The 4-on-2 match will probably be fun. I enjoy the Assassin/Body Guy stuff. Will the Mobile Homers have any better luck being bookies? I don’t have much more to add but I liked this pretty well so I’ll give like a 60-degree thumbs up.

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