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Developmental star ready for the WWE’s main roster


Even though not on WWE television yet, Xavier Woods is slotted to become a regular soon, reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The company likes his educational background, and see him as a great PR representative for the company.

Woods wrestled years back for TNA as Consequences Creed.

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  1. Matt says:

    He’s on NXT….and been name dropped on both RAW and Smackdown.

    Serious what **** is the Observer on to be this delusional? WWE has been admitting it’s developmental program exists in Kayfabe for going over a year now.

    Anytime someone is allowed out of training the first thing out of Cole’s mouth is to mention they’ve been on NXT.

    We know NXT is considered an organization now in WWE kayfabe but i mean seriously to act like someone on NXT is not on WWE tv this late in the game is just being out of touch with the product.

  2. Chris Mac says:

    Raw and Smackdown are considered WWE TV, if we’re being frank. NXT is only shown on select channels and prominently on the internet. Not that many casuals know of the developmental program as dense as others.

  3. James says:

    Time for the WWE to face the Consequences.

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