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Christopher Daniels: “I think we’re going through some growing pains”

Christopher Daniels did an interview with Here a few excerpts:

“We’re definitely not going to be done by December, for goodness’ sake,” Daniels said. “I think we’re going through some growing pains. We’re still trying to find our legs with being on the road. I don’t think there is trouble in the sense of imminent doom.”

“I’m sorry to see some of the people who have left in the past couple months leave, but hopefully contract negotiations mean they’ll have a chance to come back,” Daniels said. “All I can really count on is me trying to stay relevant on the scene from now until my contract expires in the middle of next year, not that I’m counting the clock ticking. I’m just trying to stay entertaining on television for as long as I can.”

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  1. Dusty says:

    I hope he stays around far after mid next year. Daniels is one of my favorites in wrestling…when he gets his chance to actually show himself on the mic and in the ring, he’s one of the best in the business.

  2. Kerry says:

    To go through growing pains, doesn’t one actually have to grow?

  3. Uncle Tory says:

    Well they attempted to grow but it didn’t go so well in the long run. Technically you would still have growing pains on the backlash.

    However though i think he’s right. I don’t expect TNA to be under any time soon, especially given this move is to eliminate one of the major problems.

    You don’t make a big move that late in the game if it wouldn’t help. That would just be stupid, but then again i think that speaks more to the intelligence of internet wrestling fans than it does the TNA management if they really think that was the sign of a death knell…..but then again aren’t these the same basis that acts like WWE is dead every month too? Yeah not very good predictions around these parts are there.

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