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Update on the potential sale of TNA

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports an interested party has entered into negotiations to purchase TNA Wrestling from the Carter family. The group has been seen visiting the office in Nashville, TN. It is not clear who is the potential buyer at this point, but as noted yesterday, it not believed to be Spike TV (Viacom). Spike TV has a lot of money already invested in Bellator, and while TNA generates better television ratings, the brand doesn’t generate as much ad revenue as mixed martial arts. It is believed the potential buyer wants to purchase the controlling interest in the company.

Talk of a potential sale has been going on for months, but has reached a serious enough point where things are at a significant stage.

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12 Responses

  1. future says:

    Its probabably mark cuban

  2. Mr Anti-TNA says:

    It is NOT viacom! Piss off AJ Cooper

  3. Sal says:

    Its Shane McMahon

  4. AJ Cooper says:

    @Mr Anti-TNA

    Go piss off yourself. At this point, as long as the company is taken from the Carters & the right management is put in place, I don’t care who buys it. I don’t care if it ends up being Billy Corgan buying the company to run it alongside Resistance Pro, as long as he puts a wrestling promoter in charge of the company. So, looks like your wet dream won’t be coming true after all. So, why don’t you go back to kissing VinnyMac’s ass & watching your favorite company relive its past & turn its back on what brought it into the mainstream while the rest of the wrestling fan community anticipates TNA starting on the road to salvation.

  5. MC Live says:

    @AJ Cooper. Your comments are straight up dilusional. 1st of all WWE “turning its back on what brought it to the mainstream” WWE was mainstream years before the attitude era. Rock n’ Wrestling. Also, it’s called adapting and changing with the times. If they were still in the attitude era, they would catch so much crap from today’s ultra sensitive society it wouldn’t be good. Also, do you even realize how much money they make off of sponsors because they’re PG? A whole heck of a freaking lot. Seriously, what makes you think that TNA, with barely a million fans and severe money problems, can possibly kill the WWE which is not only a publicly traded, international, multi-million dollar company, but it’s also over 50 years old and killing its competition the entire time? WCW was in the same position TNA is. A smaller, younger company, working TV out of Orlando. And look what happened, they lost. Yes there’s such a thing as karma, but there’s also a thing called business. And out of TNA and WWE, one of them is light years ahead of the other in that catagory, and you can guess which one. Hint, it’s the one with multiple weekly TV shows and a yealry video game. So please, how on this earth can you come to the conclusion that TNA will put WWE out of business with absolutely no evidence to back up your claims? Right, you can’t because there is none. Also, notice how I didn’t insult you or call you names while going on a vulgar rant? Because like an adult, I can make a point without reverting to senseless childish antics. And before you call me a WWE mark and tell me to go crying back to my hero, I’m not a WWE mark. Not once here have I said TNA is awful without evidence as to why, and not once have I proclaimed WWE is the greatest thing on earth, because its not. I’m a fan of wrestling, and want to see all good wrestling succeed. In a perfect world, WWE and TNA would engage in healthy competition where both companies prosper. So seriously, next time, come up with a logical point, and refrain from insults and curse words, or else you risk coming off as unintelligent and with a lack of credibility.

  6. Scott Grady says:

    Anticipating “the road to salvation”? That’s a bit overdramatic, don’t you think? Let’s be realistic. When Turner bought JCP in the late 80’s, it took them about seven years and a number of management changes before they got to where the NWO angle would take them over the hump. Can “the rest of the wrestling fan community” hold out that long especially after waiting from 2002-2009 and then 2010-present with Hogan for it to happen?

  7. AJ Cooper says:

    @MC Live

    It was the Attitude Era that put WWE in the mainstream. The world as a whole didn’t know about WWE until it was well into the Attitude Era. What WWE has done recently is to go back to the Federation years mindset. Oh, and I NEVER said ANYTHING about TNA killing WWE. What I said was that WWE had hit its glass ceiling. There’s no other place for WWE to go but down, whereas TNA has the room to expand, all it needs is a backer with enough resources. So, I would really appreciate it if you didn’t put words in my mouth. By doing such, you look petty & come across as grasping at straws..

    @Scott Grady

    The fact of the matter is that once the Carters have been removed from TNA & the company has better backing & such, the company will be on the road to salvation, as the company will finally have people in charge who know what the hell they’re doing.

  8. timothy says:

    What do you mean the world didn’t know what WWE was? The world knew what WWE/F was by tome WM3 rolled around. TNA looks as though they have a lot of room to go “up” or get better, however it won’t. Think about what TNA consists of.
    Sting-long time NWA/WCW Wrestler who on countless times has said he would love to perform at mania
    Bully Ray, Angle, Anderson, Taz, Hardy, Knux-All WWE/F talent of the past that if in the WWE today, midcarders or less. …yes including Angle.
    Samoa Joe-A former WWE talent who sucked during the Attitude era but yet so great in TNA. (Kinda reminds me of HhH from WCW to WWF but at least there was talent in the company he was coming to).

    Yes having big names will put a spot light on your business but not being able to utilize them because of their washed up ability hurts a company. And face it, Roode, Sabin, and Styles are becoming the old geezers of TNA just as fast as Angle, Sting, and Ray.

    It would be nice to see WWE pick up Styles and Roode and make the most out of what is left of their careers. Maybe give Sting his WM moment. And induct Angle into a real HOF. As far as the rest of the TNA roster, pray that Vinny Mac will buy out TNA….he knows and has always known how to run a wrestling business. Everyone has come and gone except for Mcmahon’s company. It has came and stayed. Like the beginning of WWE events say…..

  9. Scott Grady says:

    No, there is no fact that no Carters and better backing means people who know what they’re doing will absolutely be brought in. When Turner bought out Crockett, the guy named the top executive for WCW was previously with Pizza Hut.

    By the way, how was the then-WWF not in the mainstream before the Attitude era? How were they not in the mainstream while their talent would get booked to do promotional work on Arsenio Hall, who was still red hot at the time? Were they still not in the mainstream during the days when NBC would air Saturday Night’s Main Event? When Wrestlemania 3 did 90,000+ attendance(which is still higher than any WM during the Attitude era), were they below the mainstream? Ted DiBiase appeared on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous in full “Million Dollar Man” gimmick. If they weren’t mainstream, the Attitude era wouldn’t have been the big deal that it did.

  10. AJ Cooper says:

    Wow, got a LOT of WWE fanboys here. By the way, anyone who thinks that an AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, etc. would become stars in WWE only need to look at what happened with WCW’s top stars when they ended up in WWE. The WWE machine $#!t on them. Under WWE, TNA would end up nothing more than a second developmental territory. If anything, it would benefit WWE for TNA to remain alive. I mean, look at what happened with WWE before TNA went mainstream. WWE’s product sucked. By the way, NOTHING is forever. Oh, and WWE hasn’t always been around. If it hadn’t been for the NWA, WWE wouldn’t even exist today. God, got a LOT of people here with their heads up their asses.

  11. Scott Grady says:

    Like with your last sentence, there’s an irony to the term “fanboy” being used by someone who comes off as a fanboy himself. “The road to salvation”? Your arguments have had a pro-TNA bias while also being insanely anti-WWE. How can you claim that TNA is mainstream while also claiming that WWE WASN’T mainstream until the Attitude Era?

    Here is a simple fact. TNA being sold does NOT guarantee they will turn things around. It doesn’t guarantee that the new owners will “know what the hell they’re doing.” It just means someone else would own them.

  12. timothy says:

    How would it benefit wwe if tna was still around? It wouldn’t. Tna is barely around now and no one cares. Its not like wwe is competing with tna. Its tna trying to be like wwe. Hence dixie being heel or now a vacant title. The only original idea tna has left is opening the show and pronounce tna is dead and close the show. Nothing they will do will even lick much less touch the boots wwe wears. Again another reason why wwe doesn’t and will never face this problem. Vinnymac-Infinity Tna-0

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