Potential buyers for TNA

Oct 31, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Live Audio Wrestling’s John Pollock and Court Bauer broke down potential suitors to purchase the struggling TNA promotion in a recently posted podcast.

– Jeff Jarrett is rumored to be working on rounding up financial backers with the hopes of purchasing TNA from the Carter family. Obviously, Jarrett is interested in regaining control of a company he helped to start in 2002. Jarrett continues to work in the office in Nashville, and is involved in the day to day operations of the company. At this point, it doesn’t appear that Jeff’s father Jerry Jarrett is involved in this group.

– Eric Bischoff. This could be the reason for Bischoff’s departure from TNA, to separate himself from potential conflicts of interest. Bischoff has gone silent on his current relationship with TNA. Bischoff was behind Fusient’s attempt to purchase WCW in 2001 before it was sold to Vince McMahon.

– A wild card is someone from the entertainment world, according to Bauer. Perhaps someone similar to a Billy Corgan, who is involved in the industry with a regional promotion.

Who is not interested in purchasing TNA at this time? Spike TV, who has alot of money invested in Bellator. Vince McMahon? According to Bauer, Vince and Hunter would view purchasing TNA as counterproductive. The view is that WWE clearly doesn’t need the TNA video library, and at this point, WWE benefits more pushing their NXT brand.

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