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Poll results: Should Eric Bischoff be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

Should Eric Bischoff be inducted into the GERWECK.NET hall of fame?

No (51%, 2,766 Votes)
Yes (49%, 2,655 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,421

As a result, Bischoff fails to be voted into the GERWECK.NET Hall of Fame


Chris Benoit 62% December 2007
Triple H 65% June 2008
Lita 57% October 2008
Honky Tonk Man 64% March 2009
Scott Hall 55% June 2009
Demolition 64% September 2009
Ultimate Warrior 47% November 2009
Bill Goldberg 47% December 2009
Earl Hebner 47% February 2010
Rey Mysterio 56% December 2010
Brian Pillman 66% October 2011
Rob Van Dam 66% May 2011
Jeff Jarrett 54% November 2011
Batista 27% January 2012
Chyna 32% June 2012
Tazz 60% December 2012
Jerry Lynn 60% January 2013
Scott Steiner 54% February 2013
Jeff Hardy 45% March 2013
Sid Vicious 65% July 2013
AJ Styles 48% September 2013
Eric Bischoff 49% October 2013

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7 Responses

  1. James says:

    Shame, I don’t really agree with the people who chose no here. Eric has done quite a lot for the industry, and if not for him one of the best eras in wrestling wouldn’t have happened.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion though.

  2. Scott II says:

    Agreed. I voted yes too, since he was a big part in the Monday Night Wars.

  3. Meh says:

    I was voting /Yes. I have no idea why people kept voting No.

  4. Really? says:

    Easy yes vote from me. The only guy to ever beat Vince at his own game, even if he lost in the end.

  5. Dragon says:

    If this were done earlier i would have voted yes, no doubt he changed the industry in his wcw days. If the poll were taken in another year or so, once the bad taste of his TNA run was gone again id probably vote yes.

    I feel a lot of voters felt the same because i am very shocked he didnt even get half the vote. Hopefully this gets re-voted on when his approval ratings are up again

  6. jeriholic says:

    How does Bisch not get voted in? Oh yea, it’s the internet. And anyone involved with TNA is the enemy for some reason.

    Example AJ Styles only got 48% of the vote. I’m not saying Styles deserves to be in, but how many of those people voted no, only because he’s the face of TNA.

  7. Scott II says:

    AJ Styles is still an active wrestler. Active wrestlers do not get votes from me unless they are that special.

    Yes Bischoff has left a bad taste in peoples mouths, but again, him being a HUGE part of the Monday Night Wars should cancel, if not overshadow that.

    Remember. 84 straight weeks. 84 straight weeks, WCW kicked WWF’s butt in the ratings, at some points, quite handily. Without Bischoff, the WWF probably sticks to that bubblegum bullcrap that they had for the longest time there in the mid-90’s before the Attitude Era started to get going. The business would be in a FAR different place than it ever got to at any point during the wars, or even now.

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