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Current plans for upcoming PPV matches

– Randy Orton vs. Big Show looks like it’s on for the upcoming Survivor Series PPV.

– Triple H vs. The Big Show is likely being held off until TLC.

– As of last night, there were scheduled to be two Survivor Series-style elimination matches on the show.


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  1. Matt says:

    They really should give the whole card SVS match a go in modern WWE. With such a large roster, it wouldn’t hurt.

    Also i think they should use the pre-show match at Survivor Series the chance to spotlight someone from NXT. Since now a tournament to give someone a rumble spot will be a regular thing, the chance to wrestle on the pre-show on a show that uses a large portion of the roster would be a good yearly tradition.

  2. Mimura says:

    ^agreed! But even since Survivor series ’92 (only one SVS elimination match) they’ve been slowly moving away from the entire card being SVS matches, which is a shame. Because those matches rule! Might even be able to squeeze in a 16-Man consisting of tag teams like back in the day with the current tag team division. Wishful thinking……

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