10/25 Shine iPPV results from Ybor City, FL

Oct 26, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Chriw Aiken

SHINE 14 – October 25, 2013

From The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL

Overall this was a very good show I would recommend checking out as it has some good women’s wrestling and it was a strong card from top to bottom. Here are the results:

1) Su Yung beat Solo Darling (with Daffney) in decent enough comedy-filled opener where Solo wore a Shark Girl costume (just like a female version of Shark Boy).

2) Mia Yim beat Shanna & Savannah Summers in a three-way match that was stiff and also good in the first of three matches billed with the tagline “International Dream Match”.

3) Nikki Storm beat Nikki Roxx (with Daffney) in the second “International Dream Match”.

4) The S-N-S Express (Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh & Jessie Belle Smother) beat The American Sweethearts (Santana & Amber O’Neil) & Leva in another strong women’s match with some dives and good tag team psychology. Leva came out in a costume with a huge triangle helmet of sorts that has to be seen to be believed.

5) Kimberly beat Mercedes Martinez in a tough spot on the card having to follow the previous six woman tag but it was decent enough.

6) 3G (Kellie Slater & Tomoka Nakagawa) beat Valkyrie (Allysin Kay & Ivelisse with April Hunter) to retain the SHIMMER tag team titles in a match with a post match angle where Jessika Havok came out and cut a promo trying to convince Kay to leave Valkyrie. Havok and Kay hugged then left together to set up an angle later in the show.

7) Amazing Kong beat Madison Eagles in the third “International Dream Match” with lots of old school psychology involving forks as gimmicks. It was different than many Kong matches in that she didn’t play the “Kong” role as strongly as usual in a fairly competitive match.

8) Saraya Knight beat Jessika Hovak in a “Last Woman Standing” match under 10-count Texas death match rules. This was stiff as hell with some crazy chairshots to the head in a match far more brutal than most women’s matches in the US. They brawled a lot outside the ring and even brawled on top of the bar in the nightclub where Havok gave Knight a tombstone piledriver on top of the bar itself. Kay came to ringside for the finish and turned on Havok by kicking her in the head and costing her the match as she counted answer the ten count. This was the best match of the night.

9) Rain (with April Hunter) beat Hiroyo Matsumoto to reatain the SHINE championship in a very good match that was longer in length and different in psychology than anything else on the show giving it a main event feel. They worked very hard and did a great job though the nearfalls at the end never really popped the crowd that much. It could have used more drama but it was still good.

After the main event, Amazing Kong did a staredown with Rain as she will challenge her on the next iPPV in December.

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