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Oct 25, 2013 - by staff


by Jimmie Daniel

This is a recap of OVW TV Episode 740 that will be aired in Louisville on 10/26 and is available online at http://www.ovwrestling.com/tv/740

OUR OVW Announce Team tonight is “Anchorman” Gilbert Corsey and “Rocky Mountain Mouth” Michael Titus (as Dean Hill is absent tonight) while Shannon the Dude serves as OUR OVW Ring Announcer. We will see “Miss OVW 2013” Lovely Lylah in action against Taeler Hendrix!! Gilbert notes that the second match in the best of three series between Best Team Ever (“Best Rudy Ever” Rudy Switchblade & “Mr. Pec-tacular”(tm) Jessie Godderz) and OUR OVW Tag Team Champions Mohamed Ali Vaez & Michael (not PS) Hayes (with BTE leading 1-0) has been postponed due to Godderz is still hurting after being attacked by “Strongest Gamer Ever” Marcus Anthony & “Welsh Colossus” Rob Terry after his match last week, but Switchblade will be out later to ask questions!

OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia comes to the ring. He is now the longest reigning OVW Champion in history at 198 days (as I type this). A sign in the crowd says “Jamin got spaded”, which will be Jamin’s topic of conversation here. He says there is only so much that a man can take and there comes a point where one has to look something in the eye and not sneak attack it from behind, referring to “Smooth” Johnny Spade doing this twice to him recently. Jamin says that Spade went away a year ago and thinks that he can just walk back in and get a title shot. Jamin says no to this and calls out Spade, who comes out behind Timmy “Rampage” Danger, who is still in a wheelchair. Danger says Jamin is scared, adding that numbers don’t lie in that Jamin is 0-3 against Spade thus Jamin would lose if he faced Spade in another match. Danger then says “John Spade” is coming into the ring and hopes that Jamin will act like a gentleman. Jamin welcomes the opportunity, calling Spade a liar then asking why Spade has superkicked him twice. Spade says that judging from Jamin’s emotional state, that he got Jamin’s attention which was his goal. Spade admits that he’s not back to being in shape after his absence, but he has been training. Spade says Danger has been telling him things that Jamin has done while he’s been out, pausing to put over Danger as the greatest hype man. Spade questions why Jamin has been picking on “Little Timmy” then concludes that maybe it’s because Jamin is just a little bit short, adding that’s what the girls say! Jamin gets angry and gets all up in Spade’s face but…
The Marauders come out led by OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze followed by Joe Coleman, Raul Lamotta, Nick Dumeyer, & Clint Poe. Jonze addresses Jamin, saying the man Jamin needs to worry about at the next Saturday Night Special (which is 11/2 by the way) is not Spade, nor Kurt Angle, but him! The Marauders enter the ring and circle Jamin, who is able to hold them off and exit the ring but not before challenging Jonze for later tonight!

Match #1: “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley vs J Best
Josh Ashcraft is OUR OVW Official for this match, which lasted just long enough for Bradley to Boomstick Best (who wasn’t identified until a few minutes later) and cover him for the pin.

Bradley then takes the mic and says that he is a former OVW Champion plus a TNA star and future TNA champion. He asks if this is the “Best” OVW can give him then demands another opponent saying that the Boomstick is barely warmed up! Out comes Stephon J Baxter III, who is all fired up because he pulls his glasses off and hits the ring!

Match #2: “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley vs Stephon J Baxter III
Bradley greets Baxter with a knee to the head as a “kill the nerd” chant can be heard. Bradley hits a few jabs and tosses Baxter across the ring then sets up the Boomstick. Baxter comes out of the corner with a shoulder block then ducks elbows and kicks Bradley in the leg before giving him an atomic drop. Bradley comes off the ropes with a big boot and hits the Boomstick for the pin.

Bradley takes the mic again telling us he barely broke a sweat, adding that both the Red Sox and the Cardinals have called him because they know that the Boomstick hits home runs! Bradley demands another opponent!

Match #3: “Team Boomstick” Jay Bradley vs “The Teflon Don from Boca Raton” Eddie Diamond
Diamond charges the ring but pulls up, making Bradley miss a fistdrop. Diamond grabs a headlock but Bradley shoves him to the corner. Diamond dropkicks and goes for a monkey flip but Bradley blocks it and picks him up. Diamond pops Bradley upside the head and falls on him for 2. Bradley kneelifts and throws Diamond through the ropes out to the floor. Diamond tries to sunset flip back in but Bradley won’t go down. Diamond gives Bradley a running kneelift that sends him out then hits a baseball slide kick before banging Bradley’s head into the apron. Back in Bradley kicks on Diamond and sets up for a neckbreaker but Diamond reverses it into a DDT then connects on his “Soldier Boy” (?) elbow drop. Bradley arises and hits the Eyepoke of Doom (which Titus calls the most effective move in wrestling, lol) followed by the Boomstick for the pin. And that’s that.

Dylan Bostic and Evan Markopolis are in the back and have agreed that the first two people they see will be their respective tag partners tonight. They encounter Jessie Belle and Holly Blossom! Bostic asks Jessie to be his tag partner as Evan asks Holly to be his. Both ladies agree. Jessie is enthused since this will be Southern ‘rasslin versus English ‘rasslin! Holly warns Evan about any “funny business”.
Taeler Hendrix is looking in a mirror as she is trying on the “Miss OVW” tiara that she swiped after the contest two weeks ago. She is quite pleased with how it looks on her. Lovely Lylah walks over and asks nicely for the tiara back because after all, she did win it. Taeler fires back with “whales don’t get crowns” then adds that if Lylah wants the tiara back she can fight her for it!

OUR OVW Ladies Champion Lei’d Tapa comes out and settles in Titus’ seat at the announce table. Titus appears to be cowering behind Gilbert.

Match #4: “Miss OVW 2013” Lovely Lylah vs “Boston Strong Bombshell” Taeler Hendrix
Lylah smiles and waves to the crowd as Tapa says she will dominate whoever wins this match. Taeler holds the tiara up and teases Lylah with it. Gilbert asks Tapa about the state of the ladies locker room but Tapa replies (in a monotone) that she doesn’t care about locker rooms or tiaras, but only wants to beat up others who get in her ring, her island! Lylah finally snatches the tiara away and puts it on but Taeler clobbers her from behind then chokes her in the ropes. Taeler hairtosses Lylah face first onto the mat then stands on her hair and poses. Taeler kind of bullies Lylah and Gilbert says he hates to see a sweet person like Lylah getting beat up. Titus points out that Taeler likes being a mean girl! Taeler puts the tiara back on but Lylah sees this and gets very angry, so much that she spears Taeler! Lylah screams before splashing Taeler and eventually powerslams her for the pin.
Lylah puts the tiara on as Tapa stares at her.

Match #5: Dylan Bostic & Jessie Belle vs Evan Markopolis & Holly Blossom
The guys shake hands albeit with their fingers crossed behind their backs. Bostic apparently tells Jessie she dropped something and she bends over. Evan notices Jessie bending over and Bostic rolls him up for 2 (lol). Evan grabs a headlock on Bostic and tags Holly, who continues the headlock although Bostic seems like he is enjoying this. Evan quickly tags in and rolls up Bostic with the Handful O’Tights for 2. Bostic waistlocks Evan and pulls him to the corner where Jessie tags in. Evan reverses the hold and has Jessie in the waistlock and is enjoying himself. Jessie tags Bostic back in and accuses Evan of inappropriate behavior! Bostic kneels behind Evan and Jessie shoves him but Bostic only gets 2 using the Handful O’Tights. They guys huddle with their respective partner but the girls again are uncomfortable with this and tag themselves in. Jessie gets Holly in a small package but Evan rolls Holly on top. Ref Ashcraft admonishes Evan on his behavior while Bostic rolls Jessie on top for the pin.
Bostic and Jessie attempt to pose. Evan sneaks up and smacks Jessie on the butt then quickly slips out of the ring. Jessie thinks Bostic did it and slaps him!

The Mobile Homers (Adam Revolver & “Man-Beast” Ted McNaler) and Brittany Devore are in the back. Revolver is holding an empty wallet as McNaler say they spent two weeks in Atlantic City and lost more money than they ever had ($280!). Revolver says they should focus on wrestling but McNaler has procured a credit card with a $1000 limit! McNaler pulls out a map of the zoo but Revolver corrects him, reminding him one can’t win money there. McNaler then suggests that they go to the public library and play video poker!

Marauders are in the back and they are now joined by the Masked Marauder. Jonze says today is the day, tonight is the night, carpe diem, seize the day! He says Elijah “The Pope” Burke tried to play the numbers game and lost (come to think of it, so did the Mobile Homers), and tonight Jamin Olivencia will play that same game and the Marauders will walk away with both belts!

“Best Rudy Ever” Rudy Switchblade comes to the ring in street clothes. According to him, the only way things get done around here is to interrupt the show. He calls Terry and Anthony a couple of schoolyard bullies that stuck their noses where they didn’t belong, which brings them out to the ring. Terry says he doesn’t care about their best of three series since he and Anthony defeated both teams to win the Nightmare Cup, adding that they are the number one contenders for the tag titles. Terry refers to himself and Anthony as the “Biggest Team Ever”. Rudy says they did win the cup but then they left (which was attributed to visa issues with Terry). Anthony gets agitated and suggests that Rudy may end up getting hurt like Godderz did. Rudy attacks the duo but is quickly overpowered. Hayes and Vaez run out to pull Rudy out of a double powerslam (the same move Godderz was hurt on last week), then they stare down Terry and Anthony. Hayes and Vaez try to hammer away on Terry and Anthony to no avail then they each take a turn getting splashed and sandwiched. Terry and Anthony then pick Rudy up, give him the double powerslam, and pose over the fallen trio.

Gilbert says OVW is giving away trick or treat bags at next week’s taping! He also plugs a OVW live event at St. Rita’s in Louisville where Tony Gunn will be in the main event.

Match #6: OUR OVW TV Champion Shiloh Jonze (w/fellow Marauders Coleman, Lamotta, Dumeyer, & Poe) vs OUR OVW Champion Jamin Olivencia
Only Jamin’s title is at stake here as each Marauder takes a side of the ring. OUR OVW Senior Official Chris Sharpe is in charge of this match. Jonze flails away on Jamin to start but gets backdropped and tenpunched. Jonze with the atomic drop/kick to the groinular region combo then backdrops Jamin out but misses on a baseball slide kick. Back in, Jamin tries to come off the ropes but Coleman grabs his leg. Jamin knocks Coleman off the apron and does the same to Poe but Jonze nails him with a forearm as we go to break.
Jonze beats on Jamin in the corner. Jamin fights out but Jonze drops him with a forearm for 2 then throws him out to get beat down by the other Marauders as Jonze distracts Sharpe. Jamin gets thrown back in and Jonze works him over, ramming him with a shoulder for 2. Jonze hits a running double knee followed by a suplex for 2. Apparently Jonze is showing no ill effects from last week’s cage match with Burke. Jonze locks in a camel clutch but Jamin stands up and drops Jonze. Jamin goes up top but Lamotta grabs his leg so Jonze can climb up with him. Jamin pushes Jonze off and steps down himself. Jamin makes Jonze miss a charge and hits a jumping lariat followed by a couple of spears in the corner. Jamin comes off the top with a twirling frog splash for a cover but the other Marauders gather on the apron. Jamin goes to confront them as Coleman pitches a chain to Jonze but Spade runs in and superkicks Jonze! A puzzled Jamin covers Jonze for the pin. Spade and Danger talks smack to Jamin as the Marauders pull their fallen leader from the ring to end the show

THOUGHTS: It was back to normal this week after last week’s three-segment show. It looked like Bradley’s three-peat was going to lead to something but for some reason nothing ever materialized. I’m glad Lylah showed a little fire in her match as she really hadn’t done that since she first appeared here. I got a good laugh out of the mixed tag as well as the Mobile Homers (I won $7 on Powerball a couple of weeks ago, maybe they should go that route). Why would Hayes and Vaez save Rudy, especially when they are down 1-0 in their series and they ARE the tag champs? Maybe Spade really thought it would be easier to beat Jamin a fourth time than to have to beat Jonze and a bunch of other Marauders for the title? I found this show to be entertaining and the ladies were back, so I’ll give it a thumbs up.

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