Nikolai Volkoff reminisces about Stu Hart, Blassie, Sammartino

Oct 25, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Nikolai Volkoff Reminisces About Stu Hart, Blassie, Sammartino, on Filsinger Games Podcast!

Wrestling legend Nikolai Volkoff was the featured guest on the latest Filsinger Games podcast and the Russian superstar had a lot to say about the glory days of wrestling!

Volkoff came to America in 1968 and trained with legendary Stu Hart. He talks about his early career as Bepo Mongol as part of the tag team the Mongols managed by Lou Albano. He also tells stories about working with Fred Blassie, Bruno Sammartino, and his famous tag partner, the Iron Sheik.

“The Iron Sheik was a good friend.” explained Vokoff, “But we were like the odd couple.”

Still wrestling today at the age of 66, Volkoff shares insights about his healthy diet and lifestyle that have aided his longevity. And he closes with—you guessed it—the Russian national anthem!

Tim Dalton is also a guest on the show. Dalton has written game cards for Filsinger Games for over ten years for the Legends of Wrestling game series. He shares insights on the research that goes into writing game cards and his thoughts on writing cards for Randy Savage, Sabu, Andre the Giant, and more.

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Photo: Nikolai Volkoff and Filsinger Games owner, Tom Filsinger.

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