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Impact’s rating slips to 1.0 average for 2013

impact wrestling

Thanks to the recent 0.8 and 0.9 ratings the last four weeks, Impact Wrestling’s 2013 average rating has slipped to a 1.0 average.

Impact finished 2012 with a 1.01 average rating, and a 1.17 average in 2011.

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  1. Mr Anti-TNA says:

    HAHA that’s great. TNA marks keep bringing up the fact that everyone has been saying they’re going to close for 10 years. Now he’s some proof! WWE Main Event and WWE Superstars get about the same ratings! TNA is going out of business soon YES YES YES!

  2. Daniel says:

    Dixie Train is gonna derail soon! Did you see pictures of the attendance for Bound for Glory? The attendance was pathetic. I doubt anybody made a penny off of Bound for Glory. How many TNA performers are collecting food stamps these days?

  3. ~J* says:

    idk what y’all are talking about TNA is on a roll and the Dixie Train is hauling asses into seats!!!!!!

  4. Really? says:

    And Raw is getting lower ratings than Nitro in 2000! They had to advertise for seat fillers for the last Smackdown taping, because it looked like a TNA show! And they’re the BIG company! YAY! The economy sucks and wrestling isn’t popular! Isn’t it great!

    Wait, it’s not? Oh, it’s only good when bad things happen to the company you don’t prefer?

  5. DBRude says:

    @ Mr.Anti-TNA – “Big Poppa Pump,” is that you?

  6. Mr. Anti-TNA says:

    @Daniel You always have the funniest TNA comments!! As for @DBRude, no I am not “Big Poppa Pump.” What’s the DB stand for? Dumb b*tch!

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