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Lance Hoyt’s message to wrestling fans

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  1. Helio says:


  2. leg lover j says:

    Stop giving us crappy wrestling every week and Maybee We Will!!!

  3. Helio says:

    @ leg lover j – Then just don’t watch it. Find something that you actually like and can be positive about.

  4. ~J* says:

    lance hoyt supports mediocrity SHOCKING!!!!!

  5. Mr Hoo-ha says:

    What wrestling show is giving you “crappy wrestling” every week?

    Certainly not WWE? or TNA? or ROH? or CZW? or Chikara/Wrestling is? or AAA? or CMLL? or NJPW? or OVW? or AJPW? or W-1? or NOAH? or the NWA?

    The problem is that a lot of these “fans” aren’t really that into ever being a fan, other than be criticial. Which is hardly something to be proud of. In the internet landscape where any loser can post whatever they want, a lot of dislllusioned people try to act like they are the the only person that knows “quality”, which of course is a sign of mental problems or at least a very bad ego problem. Probably stemming out of nerd-culture of wanting to believe “You don’t like me because i’m actually better than you” instead of “you don’t like me because i’m different”. Sad but true, however in the past a lot of those sad people grew up to be critics where hardly anyone ever cares what they say except the people in the same situation now that prowl the internet for attention like they did in newspaper and magazines all the years ago.

    If you watching wrestling week after week and really have more to complain about then you enjoy, you aren’t really that much of a fan, nor are you doing anything but making yourself miserable. At some point it becomes less about the product not entertaining you and you not letting it entertain you.

    However i feel a lot of these so-called “fans” just enjoy getting attention on places like this where they obviously can’t get it anywhere else. Behind their computer screen “i think it sucks” apparently counts as an argument. Years and years ago these people would be called out on their stupidity in live person arguments unless in a very small community where that counter-message was the norm.

    But while the internet can allow these lowlives the chance to feed their egos, it also exposes how small in numbers they really are. I mean really ever take a glance at places like facebook and twitter, where normal people talk often? It’s damn near ridiculous how much more positive they are then internet wrestling boards. You find real people occasionally pitching fits, but damn it was refreshing the first time i saw, people who like wrestling actually talking about liking wrestling. I don’t see garbage arguments about ripoffs, credibility, and other hate campaigns against certain people or companies.

    Thank goodness no matter where or when people try to smuck up wrestling fandom some truth shines down to reveal just how much better it is than the so-called “smark” community likes to present itself.

  6. leg lover j says:

    @ Mr Hoo-ha It’s Fake!!! Get a life loser!! Lmao

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