SHIMMER Volumes 60-61 Results

Oct 20, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

The second day of tapings for SHIMMER Women Athletes is underway, with a big SHIMMER Championship match announced, as well as a return match which could feature some very brutal consequences.

Headlining Volume 60 will be Cheerleader Melissa defending the SHIMMER Title against LuFisto, after the Super Hardcore Anime came to the aid of Leva Bates and Allison Danger on Volume 58, as well as Hiroyo Matsumoto on Volume 59 (you can see all the results here). It should be an emotionally charged contest between the increasingly-viscious Melissa (who is riding high after also coming top of the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female 50 yesterday) and the never-say-die challenger.

Also announced yesterday is a rematch from Volume 59, where Nicole Matthews and Hikaru Shida will face off in a contest where Shida’s kendo stick will be legal. The bamboo weapon was instrumental in Matthews’ win yesterday, using it out of the sight of the referee – but today, it’s in play, and both women could be battered and bruised by the end.

Elsewhere, the Global Green Gangsters put the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship on the line against Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh, Matsumoto takes on kleptomaniac Portia Perez, Heidi Lovelace wrestles Nikki Storm, Santana Garrett faces Mercedes Martinez, and Allysin Kay battles Kana.

We’ve got all the results and goings on from the Berwyn Eagles Club in suburban Chicago, IL courtesy of Reid Allen. Click the jump for results.

a. Midianne pinned JK Kennadi with a schoolgirl.

SHIMMER Volume 60
1. Nikki Storm beat Heidi Lovelace with the Eye of the Storm.
Courtney Rush delivers a pre-taped promo, declaring her support for the Global Green Gangsters.
2. Mia Yim defeated Melanie Cruise with a 450 Splash.
A pre-taped promo featuring Athena is shown, where she promises that her shoulder injury won’t end her and she will be back, better than ever.
3. Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb beat Crazy Mary Dobson & Mary Lee Rose. Rose was pinned by Lee following a Lungblower/German Suplex combination.
4. Saraya Knight made Thunderkitty tap out to the Bridal Rocking Horse. After the match, Saraya challenged Christina Von Eerie to a Three Stages Of Hell Match, which was accepted. The first fall will be pinfall only; the second will be submission only; the third – if needed – will be fought under hardcore rules.
5. Kana defeated Allysin Kay via a Kana Lock tap out.
6. Portia Perez pinned Hiroyo Matsumoto after ramming her head into the exposed turnbuckle. She had exposed two of them so she could use one while the ref was fixing the other. Portia stole the Gojira mask to go with Thunderkitty and MsChif’s gear.
7. Mercedes Martinez beat Santana Garrett with a Fisherman Buster after Garrett missed a Shining Star Press.
8. Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) defeated Sassy Stephie & Nevaeh to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship. Nevaeh was pinned by Skater following 3G’s double kick finisher.
Amber Gertner interviewed LuFisto backstage. LuFisto says she’s fighting for Danger and everyone Cheerleader Melissa has bullied.
Madison Eagles comes out and issues an open challenge. It’s answered by Jessicka Havok.
9. Madison Eagles beat Jessicka Havok with the Hellbound.
Lisa Marie Varon made a surprise appearance to praise SHIMMER and its wrestlers, thank the Chicago fans and plug the afterparty at The Squared Circle.
10. Hikaru Shida pinned Nicole Matthews in a Kendo Stick Match after swinging the stick into Matthews’ head and nailing the Three Count. Afterwards, Eagles came out to mock Nicole.
11. Cheerleader Melissa beat LuFisto with an Air Raid Crash to retain the SHIMMER Championship. Melissa was bloodied above her left eye during the match, and continued her attack after the bell. Kana came out to help LuFisto, but Melissa was rescued by Mercedes Martinez.

SHIMMER Volume 61
1. Santana Garrett pinned Nevaeh with the Shining Star Press.
2. Jessicka Havok defeated Crazy Mary Dobson with a sitout chokeslam.
3. Mia Yim beat Angie Skye with a 450 splash.
Hiroyo Matsumoto cut a promo saying she can’t go back to Japan without the Gojira mask which was stolen by Portia Perez on Volume 60. She demanded a rematch.
4. Thunderkitty defeated Taylor Made via referee stoppage with a sleeperhold.
5. Nicole Matthews beat Heidi Lovelace with the Vancouver Maneuver. She came out with a Madison Eagles shirt and poured coffee on it.
6. Leva Bates pinned Nikki Storm with a Pepsi Plunge.
7. MsChif defeated “Miss Natural” Heather Patera with the Obliteration.
8. Hiroyo Matsumoto pinned Portia Perez after ramming her head into an exposed turnbuckle and delivering a backdrop driver, despite interference from Nicole Matthews. Thunderkitty & MsChif came out to recover their gear.
9. Global Green Gangsters (Kellie Skater & Tomoka Nakagawa) beat Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb to retain the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship. Lee was pinned following 3G’s double kick finisher.
10. Christina Von Eerie defeated Saraya Knight in a Three Stages Of Hell Match.
– Round 1 (Pinfall only) ended in a 5 minute draw.
– Round 2 (Submission only) went to Von Eerie after making Saraya tap to a Bow and Arrow.
– Round 3 (Hardcore Rules) went to Von Eerie after she choked Saraya with a belt for the tap out.
11. Madison Eagles beat Hikaru Shida & Kana in a 3-way. Eagles pinned Shida with the Hellbound.
12. Mercedes Martinez pinned LuFisto in a Falls Count Anywhere Match with a Fisherman Buster onto a chair after Cheerleader Melissa nailed LuFisto in the head with the SHIMMER Championship belt.

Cheerleader Melissa not wrestling on this volume means her run of wrestling on 60 consecutive volumes has come to an end. However, she has still made an appearance on every show.

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