Countdown to Bound for Glory Coverage (No. 1 Contender’s Tag Match)

Oct 20, 2013 - by Michael Riba

Countdown to Bound for Glory opens with Jeremy Borash backstage with Dixie Carter. He reminds her that A.J. Styles said he will end her tonight, and she makes fun of Styles for saying it. She says she made the main event tonight a No Disqualification Match for a reason, and she hopes Styles is prepared.

We go to ringside and join Taz and Mike Tenay. They run down the card and then we see Jeff Hardy, Gail Kim, Magnus, and A.J. Styles walking backstage in various points throughout the arena. We also see Bully Ray.

We go backstage with Jeremy Borash again, and he is with the four teams in tonight’s Countdown to Bound for Glory Match, which is Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bad Influence vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans. It is revealed that Young and Park will enter third, so Bad Influence and Guerrero and Hernandez will start the match. ALl four teams argue as we head to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see Ethan Carter III in a photo shoot. He says, “EC3 is going to make Aunt D proud.” He is debuting tonight at Bound for Glory.

We see The Bro-Mans, Jessie Godderz and Robbie E, backstage. Robbie says they have all but already won and that “Big Bro” is here. Mr. Olympia Phil Heath walks in and all three guys get amped up as we join Taz and Mike Tenay at ringside again. We see a shot of the “X” structure and take a look at a video package highlighting the history of the X Division Match. Jeff Hardy says winning tonight would be a monumental moment for his career and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

Mike Tenay tosses it backstage to the newest member of the TNA announce team, Gil Berry. His guests are Bad Influence. Christopher Daniels says TNA is turning every team against Bad Influence, but they are going to go out and win the Gauntlet Match and then everyone will have permission to worship them.

We see a short sneak peek of Kurt Angle’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony as we head to a commercial break.

We’re back and we see a video package that highlighted the 2013 TNA Hall of Fame Dinner, where the honored guest was Kurt Angle.

We see The Main Event Mafia backstage, and Samoa Joe says they are all Bound for Glory tonight. Joe says A.J. Styles will take the World title away from Aces and Eights and he hopes Sting and Magnus can work out whatever problems they have with each other. Kurt Angle walks in and Joe says he is going to beat some respect into Bobby Roode.

#1 Contender’s (TNA World Tag Team Championship) Gauntlet Match: Bad Influence (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) vs. Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Eric Young and Joseph Park vs. The Bro-Mans (Jessie Godderz and Robbie E) (w/Mr. Olympia)
Bad Influence try to double-team Guerrero, but Hernandez makes the save. Hernandez delivers a double-back breaker to Daniels and Kazarian and then exits the ring. Hernandez runs down the ramp and takes out Daniels and Kazarian with a double shoulder block. Hernandez and Guerrero stand tall as we head to a commercial break.
We’re back and Hernandez and Kazarian get tags and Guerrero and Daniels enter the match. Guerrero takes Daniels down with a dropkick and goes for the cover, but Kazarian breaks it up. Hernandez gets back into the ring, but Daniels and Kazarian work him over as well. Hernandez comes back and drops Daniels and Kazarian with separate shoulder blocks, but then Daniels sends Hernandez over the top rope. Guerrero drops Daniels with the Three Amigos and then goes up top. Daniels grabs the referees leg and Kazarian shoves Daniels off the top rope. Daniels grabs Guerrero’s tights and rolls him up.
Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez have been eliminated.
Eric Young and Joseph Park enter the match and take control of the match. Park gets distracted and Kazarian takes control of the match. Kazarian and Daniels double-team Park for a bit and then Kazarian rakes Park’s eyes. Kazarian goes for a sunset flip, but he cannot bring Park down. Park goes to sit on Kazarian, but Kazarian moves. Kazarian goes for a cover, but Park kicks out at two as we head to a commercial.
We’re back and Young is in control of Daniels. Young delivers a belly-to-belly suplex and goes for the cover, but Kazarian breaks it up. Young slams Kazarian into the corner, but Daniels slams Young down to the mat. Daniels goes for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Young moves. Park delivers a fall-away slam on Daniels and Young gets the pin.
Bad Influence have been eliminated.
Before the Bro-Mans enter the match, Bad Influence beat down Young and Park. Trainers and referee come out to check on Young and Park as The Bro-Mans’ music hits and they walk down to the ring.
Robbie gets into the ring and goes for the cover on Young, but Young kicks out at two. Robbie stomps away on Young and tags in Godderz. Godderz slams Young down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Young kicks out again. Godderz sends Young off the ropes, but Young comes back and both men deliver simultaneous clotheslines. Godderz tags in Robbie, but Young catches him with a back elbow. Young slams Robbie down to the mat and then delivers a top rope elbow drop. Young goes for the cover, but Godderz breaks it up. The Bro-Mans deliver a double-flapjack and then Robbie takes Young down with a flying clothesline and gets the pin.
Winners: The Bro-Mans.

We see Bully Ray walking backstage. He will be in the ring after the commercial break.

We’re back and we see Eric Young looking for Joseph Park backstage. He sees something and says, “Oh no. You guys back up,” with a worried expression on his face.

Mike Tenay and Taz run down the card for Bound for Glory one more time. We then see the video hype package for the feud between A.J. Styles and Bully Ray, with Dixie Carter’s inclusion.

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