Manik talks about his love of comic books

Oct 19, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with TNA’s Manik. Here he talks about his love of comic books. That’s awesome. So you read comics when you were a kid?

Manik: Yeah. It was hard for me to come by all of them when I was younger so consistently. I’d get a lot of things out of order and I ended up getting a lot of the X-Men series. I was into Iron Man a lot growing up, but mostly I’d have to find out about [his] story through word of mouth. I’m almost more of a fan of it now because I’m able to procure anything what I want and am able to follow all the individual story-arcs of stuff on pace. Are you reading any stories currently?

Manik: Yeah. Let’s see, I think I’m in the middle of, “I Rule, You Suck,” from DEADPOOL. I just downloaded off my Marvel Comics app some new to me Spider-Man stuff. The last Spider-Man stuff I read was the story with him and Deadpool and Hit-Monkey. And also parts of Civil War. My buddy was really into that and recommended it to me. Let’s say you were asked to join the Avengers. What would Manik bring to the table?

Manik: Good question. I tend to be a very reactive competitor. So I’m sure that I don’t bring very much to the strategic part, so meeting up in the Tower, I probably add nothing to that. I think once the team is in the field, and we’re out and there will be action, I size up with any opponent pretty well. When it comes time to delegate various roles, I think I’m equal opportunity for success across the board. They don’t have to worry about sending me towards a guy who’s bigger, smaller, faster or stronger. I think my reactionary approach to things tends to get the job done and I’m a pretty good acrobat. Not that there’s anybody in the Marvel Universe who isn’t, but I think it definitely keeps me up to speed with everybody else.

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