Austin Aries on ROH run, second TNA stint, TNA’s future, and more

Oct 17, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck posted an interview with Austin Aries. Here are a few excerpts:

– Growing up on AWA: “I remember it was probably 1982 seeing AWA with Buck ‘Rock n’ Roll’ Zumhofe,” Aries said. “He would come with the jump suit and a boom box over his shoulder. I remember I was taking break dancing classes at the time because that was starting to become real popular and here’s this guy with a boom box on his shoulder and I’m like ‘Man, that’s scrappy.’”

– “Bobby Heenan was also someone I was a huge fan of growing up,” Aries said of Bockwinkel’s long-time manager. “I though he was so intelligent and I think so underrated. I don’t think people understand just how good Bobby was at what he did.”

– On training: “The minute I saw the ring I knew I had to do this,” Aries said. “I was kind of searching for a path in life at the time and it found me.” … “I started living on my buddy’s couch about a week later and never looked back,” Aries said.

– On his ROH stint: “Ring of Honor is where I really applied my trade for a number of years,” Aries said. “It was a company that at one time I was very passionate about. I thought there was a lot of potential there to really do something great within the industry.”

“If you look back at the talents who were also there from that 2004-2007 time, there was a lot of great talent there,” Aries added. “I was really focused and I was really behind that company. When things kind of shifted directions there and the energy kind of changed, I knew that wasn’t going to be a place where I was going to make a career long-term.”

– Second TNA stint: “I’m so grateful to get that second opportunity to come back to TNA.” Aries said. “The faith they showed in me once I got there, I think that they understood that I always brought a certain level of talent to the table that maybe a lot of guys don’t.”

– ON TNA’s future: “I’m not worried about the demise of TNA, Aries said. “I don’t think any of my colleagues feel that way. I think that we understand how the business works, we understand the ebbs and flows and we just concentrate and focus on putting the best performances out there.”

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