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Raw rating rebounds

Raw last night posted a 2.9 cable rating, with an average of 3.99 million viewers. Last week’s episode did a 2.65 rating.

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  1. Chris B says:

    In England, anything less than 4 million on one of the 2 biggest channels is seen as a failure and the show almost always gets the chop unless the channel are adamant for it to be a success and they will keep trying for viewers. In America, with a bigger population, surely 4 million viewers is a massive flop compared to the walking deads 16 million viewers premier episode?

    But saying that, with not everyone signed up to taking part in ratings, add in boxes that record shows, maybe its a higher number..

  2. Scott II says:

    Question though.

    1. How many channels are there on English TV?

    2. Is there usually a very game competitor in terms of someone opposite the show (in our case, Monday Night Football)?

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