Austin Aries talks singing in a cover band, and his future

Oct 15, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal posted an interview with Austin Aries. Here are a few excerpts:

PS: I know Daniels has an acting background. Is that something you’re interested in and do you have any other background in performing.

AA: I was in choir in school, so I am comfortable singing in front of large groups of people. As I got older, I sang in a cover band. I had a knee injury a year into my training and I went back down and was singing in my band to make more money. The industries are similar. You hit the road and get your name out there. Wrestling was where my passion was, so I put singing on the backburner. Other than wrestling, where I put my creative outlets and energies into is music and cooking.

PS: What kind of band was it and what did you cover?

AA: It was an alternative rock band. We were called Zeno’s Revenge. We’d do whatever was popular. Godsmack, Staind, Metallica and maybe some heavier rock. Nickelback. We performed around the area when I was at (Winona State University, Minnesota). We worked that whole circuit. It was fun. It really all started because I worked with the drummer when I was bartending at the American Legion. I knew him before and he knew I always sang karaoke and I’d pull out some Creed or Hootie and the Blowfish. He said, ‘hey, you should sing in a cover band with us.’

PS: What’s the future hold for Austin Aries?

AA: I want to stay healthy and I want to stay happily employed. I want to keep on this train. It’s taken me on different turns and I trust the path it’s taken me to go to the right spot. I want to continue to branch out. I have a passion for information getting out there to people. I shake kids’ hands and they are obese and already on their way to diabetes and heart disease. I want to use my platform on a daily basis because parents aren’t informed and haven’t been informed for a few generations, that it’s like child abuse if you abuse food for years and it’s much longer lasting. To me, that’s a passion and I want to start focusing on that, what people put in their bodies.

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