WWE week in review

Oct 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

By Tom Daniels

Quite the eventful week in WWE. Battleground was better than not and Raw and Smackdown both delivered… The WWE Title is still being held in abeyance, a word I think Michael Cole gets royalties on every time he uses. Back in the day I belt was just vacant or held up. Hopefully this is resolved at Hell in a Cell. I lean toward Daniel Bryan still getting the gold, and if I might speculate a moment… Odd John Cena is getting the World Title shot against Alberto Del Rio upon his return. Maybe this is a way to set-up a Bryan vs. Cena match at Survivor Series that sees the belts finally consolidated and makes the Bella’s take sides. Hmm… Figured the Big Show would KO Triple H at some point, yet surprised it happened so soon. Vince McMahon has to figure in as a way to keep Show around… Also surprised the Wyatts took a lost to Goldust and Cody Rhodes. Though, it is likely the Wyatts will get some deflation. I think the Shield is still the group to get behind. I think Goldy and Cody will probably have a nice push resulting in perhaps that Wrestlemania match next year… I think having R-Truth in the Intercontinental Title picture with Curtis Axel sort of demotes the belt at a time it was gaining steam… Though I do laugh out loud every time JBL plays along with Truth’s entrance song as shouts “what’s up”… Los Matadores are entertaining, but for how long can they be winners before they go the way of Santino Marella and Hornswoggle?… Antonio Cesaro spinning The Great Khali around was more than impressive… Be careful not to get excited about Hulk Hogan, A.J. Styles or Mickie James (or even Mr. Anderson) coming to WWE. TNA has a long history of blurring the lines of real contract talks and storylines to manufacture surprise scenarios within their own company. The first case was Abyss several years ago and one of the more recent was Devon Dudley. Now Sting, though, would be nice to see at at least one Wrestlemania… With Rob Van Dam taking a little time off, and the success Chris Jericho has had at doing the same thing, I kind of enjoy these cameos from the stars. They provide the WWE talent and help keep things fresh… Divas action was odd this week. Not sure the point of all the Total Divas stars competing on Smackdown. The Divas need a few new real heels to freshen things up now that most Divas seem to be fan favorites… Was fun to see Bob Backlund at Raw. There’s a place for him… Anyone else think Shawn Michaels will be loyal to Triple H at Hell in a Cell and help Randy Orton beat Daniel Bryan. That’s certainly another scenario that could take place… And a Bryan/Bray Wyatt feud might be fun, a battle of the beards at least… Hell in a Cell might be the right time for Kane to return from movie-making and make his presence known… The Shield have been positioned to dominate, though I think an addition would be interesting as they approach their one year anniversary… Raw and Smackdown should be loaded this week, I hope!

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