WWE Monday Night Raw Results 10/14/13

Oct 14, 2013 - by Atlee Greene

-WWE Monday Night Raw Results 10/14/13

Scott Trade Center in St. Louis, Missouri


Shawn Michaels kicks things off on Raw and he thanks everyone who voted for him to be the special guest referee for the main event at Hell in a Cell. HBK says he will put his personal feelings aside because it’s not about him. It’s about crowning a new WWE Champion and goes on two say what happened at Night of Champions and Battleground was a crock and will not happen under his watch and this prompts Randy Orton’s arrival.

Randy Orton gets a mixed reaction from his home town crowd. Orton says HBK has all the fans convinced because the people of St. Louis aren’t all that bright. He goes on to say that Michaels resents him because he will always be better than him. Michaels acts as if he wasn’t listening to Orton and tells him he needs to worry about Daniel Bryan instead of HBK. Orton says he will destroy Daniel Bryan and Michaels will have no choice but to sit there, watch, and raise his hand in victory.

Orton also calls Michaels out on screw jobs and says they are his thing and vows that Michaels won’t come back the beating he gives him if he tries anything. Michaels chuckles and calls Orton out on trying to intimidate him and says he will kick his head off his shoulders if Orton touches him. Orton goes for the RKO but Michaels pushes him out of the way and comes within an eyelash of connecting with SWEET CHIN MUSIC but Orton bailed just in time. Just as Orton walks back up the ramp, The Miz hits him from behind, slams his head into the ringside barricade and delivers several knees as the officials break it up. Their match is next.


-Randy Orton vs. The Miz

We are back and Orton is in control until Miz turns it around with some knees to the midsection. Orton turns it around with two clotheslines in the corner and gets caught coming in with the third one. Miz clotheslines Orton over the top rope, dives through the middle and bottom rope and Orton drills him with a clothesline. Orton throws Miz into two sets of steel steps and tosses him back in the ring for a two count.

Orton measures Miz and lands several stomps to the head and applies a rear chinlock. Miz fights out of it but Orton quickly throws him over the top rope and out of the ring. Orton goes for the hanging DDT off the ringside barricade but Miz counters and pushes him into the steel post. Back in the ring, Miz hits a flying forearm, kick to the head, clothesline in the corner and a double ax handle off the top rope.

Orton blocks the SKULL CRUSHING FINALE and gets a kicked behind the left quad. Miz goes for the figure four but The Wyatt Family appears on the ramp and gets distracted long enough to get caught in an RKO for the 1,2,3.

Winner: Randy Orton


Bray Wyatt says The Miz represents everything he loathes about this world because he craves diamonds and red carpets. Bray doesn’t want to see The Miz suffer so he is just going to put him down and ends it with FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS.




-Santino Marella vs. Fandango w/ Summer Rae

Santino mocks Fandango and scares him with a hissing cobra and takes over with a kick to the gut and follows up with an elbow to the jaw off the ropes. Santino fights out of a rear chinlock but gets hammered in the back of the neck. Fandango hits a vertical suplex and goes for the Leg Drop off the top rope but lands on his feet when he sees Santino move out of the way. Santino comes back with several punches and hits his takeover hip toss. Santino sets up for the Cobra but Summer Rae distracts him long enough for Fandango to roll him up for the three count.

Winner: Fandango




Paul Heyman is talking to Brad Maddox backstage and shows him a video of CM Punk hitting Ryback with a low blow at Battleground. Maddox says Ryback already has a rematch with CM Punk at Hell in a Cell and is not sure what else he can do. Heyman suggests Curtis Axel and Ryback against CM Punk at the PPV.

Maddox makes a Beat the Clock Challenge for tonight. Ryback vs. R-Truth and CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel and the guy with the fastest time gets to choose the stipulation. Heyman is mad that Punk may also get to choose the stipulation because he protests that CM Punk is a cheater.

Michael Cole talks about the petition that NXT star Xavier Woods started in order to get The Big Show’s job back. Lawler mentions how several WWE superstars have signed it and JBL tries to discredit the whole thing. This transitions into a video package hyping John Cena’s return in two weeks at Hell in a Cell.

Los Matadores had to the ring with El Torito running and jumping around as their match is next.




 -Los Matadores w/ El Torito vs. Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre w/ Jinder Mahal

Diego hits McIntyre with a hurricanrana from the second  rope. Fernando tags in and they deliver a double back body drop to McIntyre. Slater tags in and gets caught in  a head scissors that sends him out of the ring. El Torito mocks Slater’s dancing and Slater chases him only for Fernando to nail him with a suicide dive. Slater gets thrown back in the ring and he catches Fernando with a superkick. Drew McIntyre tags in and they hit Fernando with a double team suplex. McIntyre drops Fernando with a big boot. Fernando comes back with a spinning DDT and tags in Diego who cleans house with flying forearms and they hit Slater with their double team finish for the pinfall.

Winner: Los Matadores


After the match, Jinder Mahal gets on the apron,  El Torito taunts him and Mahal gets hit with the Matadors finish while El Torito jumped on him. JBL called it a Bullton instead of a Swanton.




Triple H and Stephanie McMahon come out to the ring to answer some questions. Stephanie says she will never allow her kindness to mistaken for weakness and he fans chant “YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT” to Triple H. Stephanie mentions how they bailed out The Big Show by taking over his mortgage. Stephanie says they are selling his house, and pressing charges. She also debunks online reports of Triple H having a concussion and having a wired jaw.

Triple H says rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. He said he put aside his own needs to be the C.O.O. over the last two years. He knew he would put up with a lot crap due to his position  but last week was his breaking point as the world chanted “YES, YES, YES,” while he was knocked out cold. Triple H says the WWE Universe has painted them as the villains and if that is how they want it then he will be a villain the likes of which we have never seen before.

Triple H says The Big Show will gravel at his feet in order to avoid incarceration and anyone who says the word “YES” will pray they hadn’t. Daniel Bryan comes out and starts a huge “YES” chant until Alberto Del Rio hits him from behind and knocks him down the ramp. Stephanie and Huner look on with approval as Del Rio kicks Bryan in the head which knocks him out. Stephanie mocks Bryan by saying “Oh, were you saying something?” and introduces him to his opponent this evening, Alberto Del Rio. Triple H tries to start a ‘YES’ chant but a “NO” chants breaks out instead.



– Beat the Clock Match: Ryback vs. R-Truth

The bell rings and R-Truth immediately wastes time by running out of the ring and slapping hands with the fans.This goes on for about a minute and twenty seconds until Paul Heyman runs in front of Truth and gets hit from behind by Ryback.

Ryback hits runs over R-Truth with clotheslines and forearms. Truth tries to fight back But Ryback drills him with another clothesline and hits a big splash for a two count. Ryback puts Truth over his shoulder and rams him back first into the corner and does it again on the opposite side.

Ryback goes for a powerslam but slips out of it and hits a dropkick to the face, dropkick to the knee and follows up with a DDT for a two count. Truth hits a dropkick from the top rope for a close near fall. Truth misses the ax kick and Ryback hits SHELL SHOCK for the pinfall.

Winner: Ryback @ 5:44




-Stephanie McMahon bumps into the Bella Twins backstage and congrats Brie on her engagement to Daniel Bryan. Stephanie mentions how Daniel Bryan chanted “YES” while her husband was knocked out by The Big Show. Stephanie tells Brie that she is wrestling Tamina Snuka this evening. AJ Lee will be in Tamnia’s corner but Nikki will not be allowed in Brie’s corner.


-Tons of Funk w/ The Funkadactyls vs. The Real Americans w/ Zeb Colter

Brodus Clay and Antonio Cesaro start things off as Brodus hits a big body slam and tags in Tensai who hits a monkey flip out of the corner. Swagger tags in and clips Tensai’s knee from behind and works it over with stomps and knee drops. Swagger delivers several shoulder shots to Tensai’s midsection and follows up with a Swagger bomb for a two count. Cesaro tags in and hits an impressive gut wrench suplex for a close near fall.

Tensai fights back and makes the tag to Brodus Clay who hits a suplex and a splash in the corner. Clay hits Cesaro with a T-Bone suplex and gets a two count that is broken up by Swagger. Swagger gets thrown out of the ring and this gives Cesaro the opening to hit Clay with a big uppercutt and follows up with the Neutralizer for the pinfall.

Winner: The Real Americans

Cesaro goes for the giant swing on Clay but Tensai breaks it up but is cut off by Swagger and Tensai receives the giant swing for his troubles.




-Brie Bella vs. Tamina Snuka w/ AJ Lee 

Brie drops Tamina quickly, shoots her into the corner and throws her out of the ring. Brie hits a Thez Press off the apron, picks her up but gets pushed into the apron by Tamina. Back in the ring, Tamina kicks her and chokes her until Brie takes her down and attempts a one legged Boston crab. Tamina regains control, hangs Brie out to dry and applies a rear chinlock. Tamina lets go of the hold and delivers a vertical suplex and follows up with a short arm clothesline.

Tamina applies another rear chinlock and gets caught charging into the corner. Brie hits a drop kick from the second rope and follows up with another drop kick. Brie goes for another move off the second rope but Tamina pulls her off and connects with a big boot for the pinfall.

Winner: Tamina Sunka

Post Match activity sees Tamina hit Brie with a Samoan Drop and followed it up with a shoulder breaker and the Superfly Splash. AJ Lee comes in and locks on the Black Widow until a host of WWE referee’s breaks it up. AJ leaves the ring with a smile on her face while Nikki rushes to the ring and consoles her injured sister.




Backstage: Stephanie and Brad Maddox are watching the Goldberg DVD and the only spot shown is of HHH clotheslining Goldberg over the top rope. Daniel Bryan storms into the office and yells at Stephanie for what just happened to Brie. Maddox tells Bryan not to speak to Stephanie McMahon that way. Stephanie says it’s OK because Bryan it clearly letting his emotions get the better of him and reminds him that he has an injured fiance to worry about. Bryan leaves and Stephanie looks at Maddox in shock of what just happened.


-CM Punk vs. Curtis Axel w/ Paul Heyman

Punk unloads with chops and forearms and Axel turns him around and opens up with some chops of his own. Axel hits the Henning neck breaker and follows up with two body slams for a two count. Axel gets caught with a boot coming in the corner and Punk hits a cross body from the second rope for a two count and Axel clotheslines him to regain control.

Axel hits a sidewalk slam and misses an elbow off the second rope. Punk sends him into the corner and hits the running knee and delivers an elbow form the top rope for a two count. Punk goes for the Go To Sleep but Axel escapes and hits a swinging neck breaker. CM Punk fires back with lefts and rights, misses a clothesline and Axel clubs him in the back of the head. Axel delivers the Perfect Plex for a two count with 45 seconds left on the clock.

Axel goes for another Perfect Plex but Punk counters into a small package for a two count and follows it up with a right high kick that drops Axel. Punk picks him up and hits the GO TO SLEEP but falls out of the pinning position with 19 seconds left on the clock. Paul Heyman is scared Punk might have it as Punk crawls slowly to cover Axel and gets the pinfall with 11 seconds to spare.

Winner: CM Punk @ 5:33

Paul Heyman tries to leave but Punk says the party is just getting started in St. Louis. Punk calls Heyman the Mad Scientist of professional wrestling and take a page from his book by making the stipulation a handicap match. Punk announces the PPV stipulation which is CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman…….inside HELL IN A CELL!!!




-Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

Daniel Bryan wastes little time going after Del Ro in the corner and unloads with kicks, forearms and knees. Del Rio gains control with a kick to the face out of the corner and follows up with a kick to the back of the head for a two count. Bryan suplexes his way out of a rear chinlock, delivers several kicks to the chest and misses the big kick to the head as Del Rio delivers the back stabber. Bryan turns Del Rio around in the corner and chops him down with kicks and misses the running drop kick in the corner. Del Rio stomps out Bryan as the referee breaks it up and Bryan looks down and out.


Daniel Bryan misses a headbutt from the top rope and Del Rio covers him for a two count. Del Rio kicks Bryan in the head, gets in his face and yells “Sí,Sí, Sí” which gives Bryan the opening to lock up Del Rio in the Yes Lock but Del Rio quickly gets to the ropes. Bryan works over Del Rio with forearms and uppercuts until Del Rio takes control with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Del Rio mocks Daneil Bryan’s YES chants and Bryan charges out and drops him with an explosive clothesline and goes for the Yes Lock again but Del Rio drops Bryan’s left arm across his knees.

Del Rio hits Bryan with a dropkick form the second rope for a close near fall. Bryan fights out of a rear chinlock but gets posted between the turnbuckles. Del Rio misses the jumping enziguri kick and Bryan takes control with a backflip out of the corner and a running clothesline. Bryan lands the running drop kick into the corner and follows up with a hurricanrana from the top rope for a two count. Del Rio catches Bryan with a side kick to the face off the duck down but Bryan manages to throw Del Rio out of the ring and hits him with a suicide dive.

Bryan hits Del Rio with a high missile drop kick from the top rope for a two count. Randy Orton appears on the titan tron and says he say what happened to Brie and is going to check on her. Orton walks into the trainers room, closes the door and the sounds of the Bella Twins screaming enrages Bryan. Del Rio tries to capitalize off the roll up but only gets a two count and follows up with another side kick and lands several punches on Bryan. Del Rio goes for the arm bar but Bryan drops him with a high kick to the head and runs up the ramp to attend to Brie and gets counted out.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Daniel Bryan enters the trainers room only to be blindsided by Randy Orton to clubs him with forearms and throws him into the steel hot tub. Referee’s break it up and make Orton leave while the Bellas and the trainer check on a hurting Daniel Bryan.




The Shield are in Brad Maddox’s office and make fun of Daniel Bryan’s beating at the hands of Randy Orton. Stephanie reminds them that they lost to the Rhodes family before which is how they got their jobs back. They quickly stop talking until HHH says that won’t be a problem tonight because he is making the match no disqualification and tells them “The gloves are off, boys” The Shield leaves and Steph and Hunter make out to end the segment.


Another video is shown of John Cena’s journey back from injury chronicling various dates after surgery with Cena working out and hitting the weights and getting ready for his match with Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell.




-WWE Tag Team Championship: The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Regins) vs. Goldust & Cody Rhodes

Rollins and Cody start things off as Rollins gets sent in for a hard buckle and Cody tags in Goldust who works over Rollins in the corner. Quick tags form the Rhodes brothers as they cut off the ring so Rollins can’t tag out. Cody kicks Rollins in the head gets a two count. Cody hits Rollins with a face first suplex for a two count. Dean Ambrose trips up Cody and Regins follows up with a clothesline. The big man gets tagged in and stomps Cody out of the ring and follow him to deliver some clubbing forearms and throws him back in the ring. Rollins tags in and kicks Cody in the head and measures him with stomps to the back of the neck. Cody tries to fight back but Rollins cuts him off, slams his head into the top turnbuckle and delivers a belly to back suplex.

Cody arm drags his way out of a submission hold, lifts up Rollins and attempts an Alabama Slam but Rollins holds on to the ropes. Cody goes for the tag with Rollins on his shoulders but gets rolled up in a pinning attempt but rolls through and makes the diving tag to Goldust. Goldust hits two flying clotheslines, a back body drop, and a bulldog for a two count. Rollins escapes a suplex attempt and gets caught with a side kick to the gut but gets back into the fight until he misses a cross body off the ropes and the momentum takes him outside to the floor.


The Shield works over Goldust in their corner with stomps and forearms shots. Cody breaks up a pin attempt by Rollins and Goldust finds an opening to hit a backslide pin attempt for a two count. Rollins regains control with a clothesline. Goldust gets a quick rally and goes for the tag but Rollins holds him and Regins cuts him off. Goldust fights out of a rear chinlock from Regins and drops him with a desperation back elbow. Rollins knocks Cody off the ropes with a cheap shot and mocks Goldust before getting caught with a power slam off the second rope by Goldust. Ambrose tries to stop Cody to from tagging his brother but Cody kicks him off and makes the tag.

Cody hits several dropkicks and hits Regins with a moonsault and Rollins with a springboard dropkick. Cody goes for the Cross Rhodes but Ambrose breaks it up and it now three on two. Rollins and Ambrose hold Cody for something big by Regins until Goldust makes the save with a steel chair. Goldust levels all three Shield members with the chair and that leaves he and Regins alone who spears the golden one. Regins goes to hit Goldust with the chair but Goldust counters and drops the big man.

Outside the ring, Cody and Rollins go toe to toe until Rollins power bombs Cody into the ringside barricade. Goldust hits a cross body onto Regins who has the chair and gets his chest crushed. Goldust delivers an atomic drop to Regins and catches Rollins with an atomic drop coming off the top rope. Goldust clotheslines Regins over the top rope and the momentum takes him over as well. The crowd is loving this match. Ambrose attacks Goldust form behind and they trade lefts and rights until Regins spears Goldust through the ringside barricade.

Ambrose throws Cody back in the ring and also tries to get Regins back into the ring so he can pin Rhodes. The Big Show comes through the crowd and knocks out Ambrose and clocks Rollins. Regins is standing in the ring and sees Big Show. They trade verbal jabs back and forth until Cody goes for the disaster kick. Regins ducks it and lands right into the large fist of the Big Show and Cody covers him for the 1-2-3.


Triple H charges out to the ring and he is livid and he gets even madder as Big Show goes into the crowd and starts a YES CHANT. The crowd erupts as Triple H is beyond upset and the Rhodes brother hold he tag team title up high in celebration of their big win.

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