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Report on what WWE offered Hulk Hogan

All signs are pointing to the immortal Hulk Hogan remaining with TNA, and agreeing to a new contract with the company. Sources indicate that Hulk Hogan reached out to WWE, with the hall of famer eying a possible program with John Cena. Hogan was reportedly offered less money by WWE than what TNA was willing to give him.

According to sources, The Rock and Brock Lesnar make more in a match than what Hogan will make in a year at TNA. This likely explains TNA advertising Hogan for their upcoming Bound for Glory PPV.

Credit: The Wrestling Observer

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8 Responses

  1. jim says:

    Hulk vs cena. Wow that would be bad brother

  2. Ahmad says:

    How many leg drops and hulk ups till we’re all calling him the Immobile Hulk Hogan? Call it quits before you kill yourself brother!

  3. Genghis Khali says:

    Ahmad wins. Hands down.

  4. Steven says:

    Show the old man some respect….He did sleep with heather clem.

  5. Daniel says:

    The Dixie Train is going to crash soon. It is just crazy that TNA is paying Hogan, someone who does not wrestle, more then the guys that ARE actually getting into the ring. Yeah Hogan has paid his dues, IN WWE, but for him to be the main face of TNA is just ridiculous. Next TNA Hall of Fame Inductee will probably be Hogan, which just like Sting and Kurt Angle, means nothing for TNA. The first Inductee into that TNA Hall of Fame should have been the man that built TNA, JEFF JARRETT. TNA HALL OF FAME IS LAME, and SO IS TNA. BOYCOTT THE DIXIE TRAIN. Boycott TNA Hall of LAME!!!

  6. Daniel says:

    AJ Styles put it correctly in one of his recent interviews, HE will not except the HALL OF LAME induction until Jeff Jarrett is rightfully where he belongs. Jeff Jarrett for Gerweck.Net Hall of Fame, and for TNA Hall of Lame.

  7. TRUTH says:


  8. ~J* says:

    Hogan is NEVER getting off the Dixie Train BROTHER!!

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