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Former WWE and TNA wrestler announces his retirement from wrestling

Low Ki via Twitter:

Due to @alljapan_pw not honoring their contractual obligations of medical care after being injured in AJPW, I’m retiring from Pro Wrestling

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  1. bill says:

    damn. low ki has always been awesome, hope he reconsiders and hope he can get his medicals bills paid

  2. Daniel says:

    What kind of injury is it? It is an injury that HE is responsible for, not AJPW. So if he wants to retire, then GOOD RIDDANCE! Low-Ki is a contracted wrestler, responsible for his own health care. Now he is gonna retire? LOL…Good Riddance then.

  3. Coop says:

    If he was smart enough to have it written into his contract then he is certainly entitled to it.

  4. Stunning Steve says:

    Wow, Daniel. Do you work for a wrestling company. You sound like a complete tool. I feel sorry for people who actually have to be around you.

  5. Fisha695 says:

    Injury was broken ribs that he got in a match against Akebono, the injury was to have kept him sidelined until next Summer.

  6. Daniel says:

    I woke up this morning thinking to myself….this sucks, I am never gonna see Low-ki wrestle again….Just kidding….this retirement doesn’t bother me at all. If he isn’t determined enough to work his way back, then he doesn’t belong in the ring anyway. Stunning Steve…Don’t be hater, if you want to be all on Low-ki’s nut sack, more power to ya, I am simply stating that if Low-ki is gonna retire because AJPW won’t pay his expenses, then he is better off not in the ring anyway. Determination should be what gets him back in the ring. For him to go on Twitter and retire, and give the reason he gave, he made himself look just like you Stunning Steve…..TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL TOOL! LOL
    If every wrestler retired cause they got an injury, then WWE, TNA, AJPW, and any other wrestling promotion would be out of business.

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