10/13 WWE house show results from Philadelphia, PA

Oct 14, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Don Sampson & ProWrestling.net

R-Truth came out and hyped the crowd. He called for backup. Tons of Funk came out.

1. R-Truth and Tons Of Funk beat 3MB. Lots of playing to the crowd early. R-Truth hit his finisher for the three count. Decent match. The kids were obviously into it.

Justin Roberts introduced Damien Sandow, who cut a promo about winning MITB in Philly despite being booed. He claims to be the uncrowned World Champion. He Issued an open challenge. Out comes Tyson Kidd.

2. Damien Sandow beat Tyson Kidd. Sandow won a back and forth match by pinfall.

The fans voted for Divas dance off. What the hell is this? While Natalya and Naomi were dancing, the Bella twins and Eva Maria attacked them. This led to a match.

3. Natalya and Naomi beat Eva Maria and Nikki Bella. Natalya got the submission win with the Sharpshooter.

4. The Great Khali beat Alberto Del Rio by DQ in a World Heavyweight Championship match. Why Khali? Anyway, Del Rio had lots of heat. Khali is loved by kids. Del Rio had someone else do his introduction in the ring. Del Rio played the chicken heel early. Great Khali won via DQ after Del Rio used a chair. After the match, Khali laid out Del Rio with a chop. Out came Sandow with the briefcase, but Khali chopped him before he could cash in.

Intermission. Bob Backlund posted for pictures in the concourse and was in character as he met with fans. Awesome!

5. Zack Ryder beat Big E. Langston. Langston dominated but Ryder won with a roll up. Langston was clearly upset.

6. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan (w/Bray Wyatt) defeated The Prime Time Players. Bray did come out but didn’t accompany his team all the way to the ring. Instead, he sat on the rocking chair on the stage. The Players got a good reaction but the Wyatt Family actually got a great reaction. The Wyatt Family got the pinfall after Luke Harper hit his vicious looking clothesline. Good back and forth match. The crowd loved it.

Paul Heyman cut a promo about how we get to witness history as he teams with Curtis Axel. He announced it would be No DQ match and heeled it up on Philly.

7. C.M. Punk defeated Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a No DQ handicap match. The place went nuts for Punk! Punk cut a promo about what happened at MITB. A great match that ended with Punk hitting Heyman with the kendo stick and then hitting Axel with the GTS and getting the pinfall. The crowd popped huge. Punk went around ringside and high-fived the fans to send them home happy.

Notes: I had a fun time. I spent $35 per ticket but it was a birthday gift for my girlfriend and she was happy. I would definitely go to another house show.

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