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NWA suspends The Fold for one year

NWA announces..

BREAKING NEWS FROM NWA World Wide Wrestling! NWA President Bruce Tharpe has suspended The Fold (Cueball Carmichael and Pat Cusick) from all NWA events for a period of ONE YEAR!

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Last nights event at NWA World Wide Wrestling was a show that will be talked about for many years. With recent history with ‘The Fold’, co-members Cueball Carmichael and Pat Cusick got the win against Damien Wayne and Lance Erikson, L.O.K. and becoming the new tag team champions! Later on in the event, there was an altercation with NWA President Bruce Tharpe, Carmichael and Cusick threw the tag Titles at his feet to let him & the NWA know that its not about belts for them, its about the brotherhood of ”The Fold”. Carmichael then got physical with Tharpe which led to Carmichael and Cusick being SUSPENDED for 1 WHOLE year! If you ask us, ‘the Fold’ had this coming for a long time by repeatingly taking matters into their own hands and Bruce Tharpe layed down the law last night just to remind everyone ‘who’ has the power. What will be in store for NWA World Wide Wrestling and is this the end of ‘The Fold’ is the questions being asked, only time will tell, more as we get it and follow NWA World Wide Wrestling on their official Facebook page for more news regarding this……

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2 Responses

  1. Megaman says:

    I’m impressed that the NWA still acts like it’s relevant in this day and age.

  2. Mr Hoo-ha says:

    It’s a wrestling company that can easily be following on the internet. How is not any less relevant than any of the others? It’s not their fault if half the dumb “fans” on the internet are too lazy to follow it.

    Are we supposed to believe the only things relevant in wrestling are the ones with shows on national tv in your country? Of course not. Is the NWA as relevant right now as say WWE? No. as relevant as NJPW? No. as relevant as NYWC…okay yeah probably, but doesn’t change the fact all of which are relevant to the current wrestling world. You can’t just pick and choose what’s relevant based on what you chose to follow. It may not be relevant to you out of ignorance, but it’s plenty relevant to the wrestling industry.

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