GERWECK.NET Trivia #12

Oct 12, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck

Thanks for all your entries, let’s review last week’s question.

Q) What was the last PPV on which Hulk Hogan wrestled the final match of the card?

A) Summerslam 2005, taking on Shawn Michaels

Congratulations to all those who answered correctly. Vivian’s lead at the top is now 6 points, with Jorge Pernas second and Josh Dionio third.

In an attempt to shake things up on the leaderboard, I am going to declare a ‘Round 1 winner’ after question number 15. After that, the leaderboard will be reset, though I will keep a note of who won for future prize-giving.

Onto this week’s question….


With TNA Bound For Glory coming up fast, I thought I would focus this week’s question on that event. Up to and including last year, only two men have competed on every single Bound For Glory card. Can you name them?

I will also award 3 bonus points if you can tell me the one man who they have both defeated in singles competition at the event.

Good luck!

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