Grudge match announced for Glory by Honor XII

Oct 11, 2013 - by Steve Gerweck


Just reading the results, A New Dawn seems like a generally triumphant night for Mark Briscoe. First he defeated Silas Young in a one-on-one match and then went on to win the Honor Rumble thus earning a World Title match in the main event. Although he came up short as the very first challenger to new World Champion Adam Cole, Mark was no doubt impressive in his bid to bring the belt back to the family.

There is a story that just listing the wins & losses does not tell though…in this case how Silas Young reacted to his defeat that evening. After being pinned by Mark with a Sunset Flip, Young immediately attacked the multi-time tag team champion and only left when three ROH officials were at ringside. The “Last Real Man In Pro Wrestling” wasn’t done there though! During the course of the Honor Rumble, Mark eliminated Silas from the match to which Young responded by dragging Mark out under the bottom rope and assaulting him on the floor.

Now, at the demand of Mark, ROH Match Maker Nigel McGuinness has signed a Grudge Match between Mark Briscoe and Silas Young for Glory by Honor XII on October 26th!

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