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Gene Snitsky reflects on his WWE rivalries, being moved to the ECW roster

Slam! Sports posted an interview with former WWE superstar Gene Snitsky. Here are a few excerpts:

– “I’ve always loved the theatrics of wrestling and I was actually an actor before I started wrestling and just always goofing around making people laugh.” He indicated the sheer entertainment value of WWE had a lasting effect.

– Snitsky adds that he is “proud of [his] body of work” citing that even “nine to ten years later and people are still talking” about it. His WWE career ended in December 2008.

– Looking back on his WWE run and his various rivalries, Snitsky says “working with Glen [Jacobs] was like a dream come true.” He adds that Jacobs, better known to WWE fans as Kane, “pretty much took me under his wing once I got up to WWE and he helped me along. Him and I had an awesome feud and I thought really good storyline. He was a huge, huge help. To this day we still keep in touch and talk and all that kind of stuff. He’s probably my favourite guy to work with and probably my favourite storyline.”

– In early 2007, Snitsky was moved to the ECW brand. “I thought it was a great opportunity for me and my character. It was a great start. I really, really liked it. I liked the concept. I liked everything about it. And then I did it and then they drafted me right back to Raw,” remembered Snitsky, who returned to the Raw roster where he would perform for that brand for another year and a half.

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